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Twins 3rd Birthday Party

(4 Posts)
mrswoolfie Fri 15-Jul-16 09:52:40

Advice please, 35 x 3 year olds, garden party with entertainer, face painter, bouncy castle and toys, would you stop it all and do a sit down tea or just let them graze from a buffet (sandwiches, fruit, veg sticks and cupcakes)
Thank you x

OnlyEatsToast Fri 15-Jul-16 09:55:34

At some point - half way through? depends on your party times - I'd shout 'food's ready' and let them help themselves from a buffet.

daisydalrymple Fri 15-Jul-16 10:01:04

The Buffet food you suggested sounds great. I'd have drinks available throughout if they're running around. You could maybe do the food in individual bags for each child if you think it might be easier to have it portioned out in advance. I've seen them in places like home bargains etc and always thought it looked a great idea. (Like the bags you get the children's lunch in at Debenhams / asda etc where they pick 5 items each or whatever).

mrswoolfie Fri 15-Jul-16 19:19:42

Thanks, I will of course have jugs of squash and water available throughout.
Buffet it is then x

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