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Family party - food ideas please!

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Allseeingclaggis Tue 12-Jul-16 14:07:44

We're having a family get together (my folks, and brothers' families). 13 people, including 2 toddlers, a tween and 2 teens. I've just had a new baby and we aren't able to get together often, plus there are some family birthdays we can celebrate too, so it's a kind of multi celebration. It'll be at our house - so looking for suggestions for buffet type food we can do that isn't massively fiddly but everyone likes - anything that can be frozen in advance even better as we're at a wedding before the party (not the same day!)as I won't have a lot of time when we get back. I'm sure I'll get offers of help from the guests so I won't be on my own but just wondered if anyone has any good food suggestions?

I was thinking, chilli, rice, wedges, salad, maybe some roasted veg, meatballs for toddlers, cheeseboard. But v open to suggestions!

Tinks15 Tue 12-Jul-16 18:07:37

Chicken nuggets, quiche, sausage rolls.

123fushia Fri 15-Jul-16 19:54:26

Beg and borrow some slow cookers. Make a chill (veggie if any vegetarian guests) bolognaise in another and hot pot style bake in another. Pre cook some baked pots in foil. Cook rice when necessary, turn oven on to heat spuds and throw in some garlic bread too. Let guests choose what they want and serve in sturdy paper plates or bowls. Tesco loan glasses free of charge in boxes of 24. Book ahead to reserve a couple of boxes. Tried and tested routine which works well every time. Cut loads of flowers or buy a few aldi bunches and put into lots of small vases around the serving area. Voila!

sashh Sat 16-Jul-16 10:43:12

cheese straws

1 packet frozen ready folled puff pastry
50g Parmesan cheese grated
dijon mustard

lay out the pastry, 'butter' with the mustard.

Score the pastry through, sprinkle with the cheese and bake for 10-15 mins - once cool snap them along the score lines.

Agree with slow cooker.

Chats - new potatoes deep fried like chips.

Paulat2112 Sun 17-Jul-16 12:18:00

Slow cookers are the way to go smile I would make one of chilli and one of chicken curry then rice which would go with both meals. Some salad, bread, cooked meats, cheese etc and you're good to go

Artandco Sun 17-Jul-16 12:20:33

I think your ideas are good. You can pre make the chilli the week before and freeze, just take out night before to thaw and reheat.

Then the rest isn't too hard to assemble that morning.

OliviaStabler Sun 17-Jul-16 12:27:39

Quiche always goes down well in my experience as does garlic bread. I'd buy lots of potato salad and coleslaw and decant into bowls and have a very large salad made up. Potato wedges work well with sides of mayo and ketchup. I'd also get some shop bought trifle's in for dessert as well as a cheese board.

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