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Dip recipes

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bigboypants Sun 10-Jul-16 22:33:37

Looking for some dip ideas for ds, he loves eating veg sticks with his lunch and for snacks but, over the last year, he has gotten quite skinny. We've already swapped him back to whole milk and butter and thought some dips might add some calories and bulk up his snacks at school a bit.

We made some tzatziki and he was keen on that but I'm looking for some other ideas for variety if anyone has any favourites that we can try. smile

notagiraffe Sun 10-Jul-16 23:35:35

Avocado mixed with full fat greek yoghurt and humous.
Humous and greek yoghurt.
Avocado and greek yoghurt.
Cream cheese and peanut or almond butter, thinned with a bit of coconut milk. (Not for school, obviously because of nut allergies, but after school snacks and at weekends)

Blondie1984 Mon 11-Jul-16 01:46:12

How about a satay dip with peanut butter?
Taramasalata is very high in calories

Would he have something like smoked salmon or mackerel pate?

DeliveredByKiki Mon 11-Jul-16 01:48:03

Ours love "pink houmous" just blend roasted beetroot into your normal houmous recipe

Cineraria Mon 11-Jul-16 02:03:28

My DS loves dips too. He really doesn't like anything dry and wants them with everything.

As a really quick one I just mix a spoon of nut or seed butter with some coconut cream (he can't have dairy)

He also likes this refried beans recipe which is a bit like homous. I put less chilli and no salt as he's only nine months and sometimes add a bit of lemon juice.

I also fry an onion with some cumin seeds and add a tin of sweetcorn, a little chilli and turmeric, then blend it for quite a sweet and mildly spicy dip which I think would be quite calorie rich due to the sweetcorn.

Could you do a nice raita with full fat yoghurt? There are some amazing recipes on the Tarla Dalal website for all different raitas and actually for lots of other dips too, I think.

Allalonenow Mon 11-Jul-16 02:05:28

Greek yoghurt and mayonnaise with some fresh herbs such as chives or mint
Mayonnaise with some tomato ketchup added with chopped gerkins & capers
Mayonnaise with some lemon juice and finely grated lemon rind stirred in

hurtyboobs Mon 11-Jul-16 02:08:12

Beetroot plus walnuts plus parsley plus garlic plus olive oil plus seasoning, whizzed up

Allalonenow Mon 11-Jul-16 02:15:17

If you ever have left over ratatouille or cooked aubergines, blend them with Greek yoghurt or mayonnaise
Don't forget you can use any beans for a dip, haricot blanc or haricot vert for instance, just use as you would when making hummous.

bigboypants Mon 11-Jul-16 09:01:50

Thank you everyone, these sound really good. I'll give him a go with the mackerel first, he does like his fish.

I always have beans in the cupboard but never thought to use them to make a dip. [dopey]

Thanks again. smile

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