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Random family meal that everyone loved!

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kipperydippery Thu 07-Jul-16 22:36:37

Trying to use stuff up. Tonight was VERY (oops) spicy chickpeas in a tom sauce with wholemeal pitta, salad & lots of cooling yoghurt & mint dip to go with it.

The entire (very fussy) family loved it. I should stop making so much effort at dinner time!

Thought I would share if it helps anyone else.

kipperydippery Thu 07-Jul-16 22:47:08

Recipe for chickpeas: 1 takeaway container of frozen chickpeas (a tin would work just as well) 1 tin of chopped toms. herbs. Fry 1 onion & garlic. Add chickpeas, smoked paprika & way too much Encona chilli sauce (due to not concentrating because your 2 DC are killing each other).

Add tinned toms. Simmer for ages whilst trying to get DC to find library books etc. Give up on books & serve. DC much preferred adding mint leaves to pittas & blobbing yoghurt on top. DH & I had a very rushed dip.

I had planned on doing a proper mint yoghurt & cucumber dip. A missing Horrid Henry library book meant it didn't happen...

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