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Vegan pudding

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HelenaJustina Wed 06-Jul-16 21:59:45

Lunching with vegan friend tomorrow and am taking bread (to go with soup she is making) and pudding.

Haven't got time to cook, needs to be something I can buy in Waitrose! Any good ideas and anything I need to be wary with?

Artandco Wed 06-Jul-16 22:03:33

Just berries selection to be on the safe side!

Artandco Wed 06-Jul-16 22:05:06

Can add coconut yougurt also ( but I find it rank)

HelenaJustina Wed 06-Jul-16 22:10:27

Berries is what I was thinking, but thought it seemed a bit in imaginative, wondered if there was a secret something delish that I would never normally look at!

And I'm with you on the coconut, bleugh...

DeliveredByKiki Wed 06-Jul-16 22:12:08

Dairy free ice cream, defrost/heat up frozen raspberries and pour over ice cream

Artandco Wed 06-Jul-16 22:13:39

Oh yea the Swedish glade ice cream in Waitrose is dairy free, buy readymade compote to add to it

Artandco Wed 06-Jul-16 22:14:48

Or just buy a nice sorbet

janethegirl2 Wed 06-Jul-16 22:15:30

Just nice fruit and vegan cheese

PotteringAlong Wed 06-Jul-16 22:16:31


Whyhellodaffodil Wed 06-Jul-16 22:18:50

Summer pudding? Think rhey sell a two pack in waitrose and I can't see why they wouldn't be vegan?

HelenaJustina Wed 06-Jul-16 22:25:39

All marvellous, thank you. Will be found avidly reading labels in the morning. Summer pudding or sorbet I think. Thank you all.

Now, the bread. Can I buy any bread? She eats wheat...

Whyhellodaffodil Wed 06-Jul-16 22:27:13

Just don't get one with a honey seed topping... Other than that I think bread should be ok

Whyhellodaffodil Wed 06-Jul-16 22:28:27

Hmm having googled apparently lots have milk in - definitely read the packages!

HelenaJustina Wed 06-Jul-16 22:31:28

Thanks again, will take specs...

fascicle Fri 08-Jul-16 07:47:10

Waitrose do Lazy Day products (biscuity tiffin things, vegan and gluten free) in their free from section. Our local one has chocolate tiffin, ginger choc tiffin, millionaire's shortbread. They are very, very good - can't tell they're vegan or gluten free. They also have vegan cream and custard in same section.

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