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Recipes for lemons (I have a LOT of lemons!)

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dontevenblink Sat 02-Jul-16 05:13:06

So the lemons in my garden are now all ripe but there are loads of them! I need inspiration for lemon recipes. So far I've made a load of lemon curd and citrus loaf and we've just made some lemonade. Any more ideas? Maybe some savoury ideas too? Internet has a lot but seems to be same sort of thing and I prefer recommendations smile

Does anybody know how long lemon curd keeps for or whether you could freeze it? I may make a vat load if it'll keep for a while. Can you freeze lemons or recipes that you could freeze? I'm hoping the lemons will last on the tree a while but I have zero knowledge of gardening (goes off to Google...)

CuttedUpPear Sat 02-Jul-16 05:20:43

You don't need to freeze lemon curd, it IS a preserve. Same as jam, will probably keep for at least a year.

Preserved lemons are becoming a very popular ingredient now - you'll find lots of recipes online but basically it's just lemons quartered and salted. They keep indefinitely as well.

orangebird69 Sat 02-Jul-16 05:21:06

preserved lemons

JanTheJam Sat 02-Jul-16 05:22:46

I freeze lemon and lime in slices. Freeze individually and then chuck in zip lock bags. Perfect for adding to water instead of ice.

You can freeze them whole and defrost in the microwave in 10 second bursts. It works quite well but obviously is not as good as fresh lemons.

No recipes from me for using up I'm afraid but hope the above helps. Lemons are SO exPensive in the shops round here but so many people have trees and often leave baskets of them for free at their front door. smile

dontevenblink Sat 02-Jul-16 05:41:32

Ooh some great ideas thanks! Like the idea of freezing slices. I'll have a go at them all through the week. CuttedUpPear probably a silly question but what would you use preserved lemons in? I wasn't sure about the lemon curd due to the butter content but that's great if it'll last a year as dd1 loves it and it is so expensive here. I will make a huge vat in the week.

Jan they are expensive here too but loads of people have them. There are lots of limes for sale outside peoples houses at the moment and I keep seeing mandarins in lots of front gardens (I so want to grow these). Couple of months ago everyone was trying to get rid of their masses of feijoas! (can you get those in UK?)

FenellaFerranti Sat 02-Jul-16 05:42:41

Lemon marmalade?

YogaPants Sat 02-Jul-16 05:47:50

Use preserved lemons in savoury dishes such as tagines or in couscous.

Also good when cooking fish alongside herbs.

Lots of North African recipes use them.

SillyMoomin Sat 02-Jul-16 06:01:20

I'm so jealous you have a lemon tree, I love lemons

Are you in the uk?

dontevenblink Sat 02-Jul-16 06:18:30

No, sillymoomin on north island in NZ.

dontevenblink Sat 02-Jul-16 06:20:01

Lemon marmalade sounds good and great idea with fish smile

frenchfancy Sat 02-Jul-16 06:36:01

Leon curd is not a preserve in the same way as jam is - it has eggs in it so needs to be treated differently. I found this for you:

Unless the jars are sealed by processing, fruit curds will only keep in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 weeks. For longer storage, process 1/4 or 1/2-pint jars of lemon curd in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes. Once processed, jars of lemon curd will keep in the refrigerator for 3 months until they are opened (after opening, they will only last 1 - 2 weeks). The surface of curd in sealed jars may darken slightly if kept longer than a month, but that is an esthetic concern, not a health hazard.

Experienced canners may be raising an eyebrow in query: do you really need to refrigerate the sealed jars even though you've processed in a boiling water bath? Yes, with fruit curds, you do.

Lemon curd can also be frozen for up to 1 year.

dontevenblink Sat 02-Jul-16 06:55:34

Thanks for that frenchfancy that's really useful. I might freeze a few batches then.

Rainbowqueeen Sat 02-Jul-16 06:57:31

You can freeze lemon juice and use it later for cooking.

Try roasting a chicken stuffed with a lemon and some herbs and garlic.slice the lemon first in several places, not the whole way through if you know what I mean.

Lucky you - I love lemons!!,

senua Sat 02-Jul-16 07:05:11

Try looking up Jamie Oliver recipes. Whenever I have seen him cook on TV it seems to involve a lot of lemon (and salt).

RabbitSaysWoof Sat 02-Jul-16 07:06:15

This was lovely

I also love lemon chicken and jam tarts with lemon curd instead.

senua Sat 02-Jul-16 07:08:35

I can't believe that no-one has suggested lemon drizzle cake yet!

BitOutOfPractice Sat 02-Jul-16 07:08:51

This recipe for baked leek and bacon risotto has lemons in and goodness me its lush

RabbitSaysWoof Sat 02-Jul-16 07:13:37

Oh here it is I haven't made this i years, but I used to often and it was one of my favorites.

Mightywease Sat 02-Jul-16 07:38:37

I am with senua on this. Lemon drizzle cake!

Lemon curd is good, easy to make and delicious. You can also make lemon curd cakes....drool!

dontevenblink Sat 02-Jul-16 11:55:39

Ooh thanks all, I am actually getting quite excited about trying all these!

OnyK Sat 02-Jul-16 12:53:34

I'm so jealous of your lemon tree. I have one in a pot in my conservatory, which looks very puny compared to yours!

I love lemon marmalade. This is my easy recipe, which uses a food processor, so no need to chop the lemons by hand.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sat 02-Jul-16 13:03:46

I'd give preserved lemons a go if I had a supply

you could make limoncello...but that really only uses the peel

lemon shred marmalade...mostly just the juice and finely sliced zest

what about candied/glace lemons? ...dip in chocolate for cake decorations?

ciambellone is a nice italian style lemon cake.

StiickEmUp Sat 02-Jul-16 13:03:48

What a beautiful tree shockgrin

3littlefrogs Sat 02-Jul-16 13:09:14

Slice a few and freeze them.
Lovely to drop into your G&T instead of ice cubes.

SoupDragon Sat 02-Jul-16 13:11:19

I freeze slices of lemon and use them instead of ice in drinks. Usually water in my case but I sure it would work in gin!

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