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Flabby Frittatas

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whethertheweather Tue 28-Jun-16 22:05:58

I had my first go at making mini frittatas yesterday. DD made quiche at school and came home with some filling mix left over. I shoved the mix in a greased silicone muffin tin and cooked at about 180 for 20 mins.

They were set all the way through and brown on the top but when I took them out the tin the bottoms were sort of wet and a bit flabby. Tasted OK but didn't look very appetising. Any tips for a better result? I had visions of lovely packed lunches and picnics in the hols and these won't cut it.

Hopingforsomesunshine Wed 29-Jun-16 12:19:48

If it was a quiche mix was it too wet? Presumably to contained cream when I make frittata I don't add additional fluid just the egg. Grating a little cheese on top can help to give a nicely browned top.

firesidechat Wed 29-Jun-16 12:22:52

I made a quiche this week and it was quite heavy on the cream and light on the eggs. A frittata needs mostly eggs.

What was in the mix?

whethertheweather Thu 30-Jun-16 11:38:28

I think you might have a good point. Mix was eggs, milk and grated cheese with some chopped up onion, peppers and bacon. Very liquid. Tasted fine in the pastry shell DD made at school but not so much freestanding in silicone tin.

I wondered if I woul be better using a metal muffin tin or does that just make them impossible to get out?

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