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What do you eat?

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Disorderedeating Sat 25-Jun-16 17:21:44

If you have a healthy relationship with food, can you tell me what kind of things you eat on a typical day?

1frenchfoodie Sat 25-Jun-16 18:04:25

I guess by healthy relationship you mean not binging, starving or exiting on junk? Here is evening meals for a week. Breakfast is usualy cereal (shredded wheat/museli etc), yoghurt with fruit or poached egg on toast. Lunch is some sort of salad. I love my food and have the odd blow out e.g last friday was a meal out with friends. If I have a dessert it is usually fruit based. DH is trying to lose weight (mainly beer related..) and we have been eating carte d'or low fat ice cream rather than cream, full fat ice cream.

Smoked hadddock chowder

Pork chop, freekeh pilaf

Roast chicken, roast potatoes, carrot and neep mash, kale

Turkey in tomato sauce, rice, carrots

Kofte, tabbouleh, watermelon salad

Baked chicken thigh, butternut squash

Beef bourgignon pie, cheese and chutney slice, rocky road, scone, lemon cake
Venison casserole

lastqueenofscotland Sat 25-Jun-16 18:12:03

I think I have a healthy relationship with food... Just not a very healthy diet!

I don't have breakfast I have a coke blush

Lunch is a big helping of left oversfrom the day before

Dinner is usually vegan chilli/curry/stirfry/pasta type thing, I love carbs.

Snack on apples, grapes, carrot sticks and hula hoops grin

PlymouthMaid1 Sat 25-Jun-16 18:15:30

Today.. Shredded wheat with hemp milk and blueberries, mushrooms on toast, lentil based quiche, new spuds and salad and a slice of banana loaf.

ThinkPinkStink Sat 25-Jun-16 18:17:05

I think my attitude to food is quite healthy, I could eat more healthily, though.


* Cereal and fruit with semi skimmed milk, or
* Granola with fruit and yogurt, or
* Occasional cooked breakfast (grilled and poached rather than fried), or
* Toast and Marmalade or Marmite, or
* Occasional croissant, or
* Porridge with honey and nuts (in the winter), or
* Smoothie with yogurt, rice milk, berries, 1/2 banana


* Sandwich (e.g. baguette with pesto, salad and mozzarella or cheese, pickle and salad) - usually granary bread, or
* Box of sushi, or
* Interesting high protein salad (usually 2 for £3 from M&S)

Usually accompanied by jelly or yogurt, some fruit and often crisps (usually baked ones).

I eat snacks most days, most often nuts (esp almonds) and fruit (esp satsumas), occasionally biscuits (2 or 3).


About 70% of the time it's protein and veg (e.g baked Mediterranean veg with cod, or teryaki salmon with brown rice and kale). 20% of the time it's high carb (spag carbonara or lasagne with salad) and 10% of the time it's utter shit (pizza etc.).

Couchkitten Sat 25-Jun-16 23:58:43

I think I've a healthy attitude to food. I'm a healthy weight, I rarely diet or obsess about my weight. I don't really pay attention to the amount of calories I take in but I do watch my sugar. I don't use jars or packets in my dinners at all anymore since we've had kids. We only use brown rice, bread and pasta now. I love good food cooked with good ingredients.

For breakfast I have milky coffee, porridge or wheatabix with fruit
For lunch I have a wrap, sandwich or salad - like Avocado, cheese and cherry tomato sandwich or feta, olives, cucumber salad.
I usually have a fruit snack after that - maybe with some natural yogurt.
Dinner is family favourites type food - Spag bol, chicken casserole ect... We eat veggie once a week and fish once a week and get a pizza most fridays. Might have a piece of fruit after dinner.
I have something sweet usually an ice-cream or a piece of cake once or twice a week.

My biggest issue is cheese. I eat it everyday, I get a bit antsy if I haven't had it! I'm a total addict. When my weight creeps up, I cut the cheese and watch my portion sizes.

Disorderedeating Sun 26-Jun-16 00:04:12

Thank you all. This is very helpful. Don't know what 'normal' is anymore.

Naschkatze Sun 26-Jun-16 00:17:29

Porridge oats soaked in milk/yoghurt overnight with berries/banana.
Or a smoothie made with frozen fruit, avocado etc.
Or yogurt and fruit
Occasionally toast and jam

Usually a salad, with ham/cheese/boiled egg/leftovers from prev nights dinner.
Once a week a sandwich.
Sometimes a packet of crisps

Stir fries
Pasta dishes
Grilled chicken/fish with veg
Baked potato, salad and tuna
Halloumi and griddled veg
Homemade burgers and salad
(I try to do low carb high protein for dinner more often than not but still need some more meal ideas that satisfy DH!)

DollyBarton Mon 27-Jun-16 13:27:59

Ive a good relationship with food. I don't diet (tried a little one recently and it was so enjoyable) and have always had a healthy him. I grew up in the countryside with a mum who was a good cook, dad very experimental with food and they are both serious gardeners so we grew a lot of our food.

Today I had homemade bread, butter and homemade lemon curd with a big mug of real coffee for breakfast. Just had salad with streaky bacon, tomatoes and mixer elks for lunch (lettuce, scallions, radishes, cucumber from the garden). Dinner will be our junk food night so not representative but honey mustard gammons, mash, fried egg (own eggs) and peas.

DollyBarton Mon 27-Jun-16 13:28:26


DollyBarton Mon 27-Jun-16 13:29:12


ppeatfruit Mon 27-Jun-16 14:12:54

I follow a way of eating for health because I have a bad family history. So

Breakfst; A seasonal fresh fruit smoothie; a peach, apricots, couple of figs, and or dates, ground linseeds and almonds, for protein and creaminess. Grape juice and water.

lunch : Pnut butter dressing tuna salad, homemade chocolate brownie, no wheat On other days spelt or kamut toasted salad sandwiches . I use olive oil instead of butter.

snack; Macadamias or walnuts and pecan nuts, an apple, herbal tea and filtered water (I drink those most of the day)'

supper; Bowl of GF oats soaked in water with molasses and cinnamon, ground almonds.

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