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Summery vegan meal using up....

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DeliveredByKiki Thu 23-Jun-16 07:36:28

It's a veg at the bottom of the fridge night tonight, need to use up:

Dinosaur kale
Heart of white cabbage
Spring onions

I'm vegan so have a stock cupboard full of every permutation of bean, legume, lentil etc....any ideas beyond stir frying or soiling it altogether

whois Thu 23-Jun-16 11:01:53

White bean fritters/burger with the corriander and spring onion. Serve with a carrot ribbon, cabbage and kale stir fry with carroway saeeds?

bombayflambe Thu 23-Jun-16 11:05:01

Sounds like a yummy coleslaw to me: use a vegan dressing of your choice, and serve with falafels or beany fitters made up from your store cupboard.

DeliveredByKiki Thu 23-Jun-16 22:02:42

Two votes for falafel and salad/stir fry then!

ppeatfruit Sat 25-Jun-16 09:19:24

Oh I'd make a dip with them, if you have a hand held electric blender it's sooo easy; Make an olive oil dressing that you like in a big bowl then add garlic and spring onion and the coriander chopped of course. The kale can be blanched and the hard centres removed then chopped along with the rest of the veg. Blitz it ! Add lemon juice and or water if it's not soft enough I sometimes add tahini or ground almonds to give a creamier texture.

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