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Does anyone have this Salmon Mousse Pie recipe please??????

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TimeIhadaNameChange Mon 13-Jun-16 09:18:47

I came across it probably 8 years ago online, but I'm pretty sure it had been on a Channel 4 programme. I'm fairly sure it used either filo or puff pastry. You lined the tin (with much pastry overhanging the sides) when put in a couple of shop-bought pancakes to soak up the mixture. Then you made a salmon mousse-type filling and put that in, together with smoked salmon, and folded over the pastry.

Does this ring any bells? I'm not a great fish eater and rarely cook it (last made it for DP's birthday, and I had something else) but DP's going through a rough patch and I thought I'd try and make it for him again, but not having much experience with fish I wouldn't want to make it up.

If anyone can help I'd be grateful. Thanks!

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