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Do you expect burgers and sausages at a BBQ

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ScenesFromAnItalianRestaurant Fri 10-Jun-16 12:00:51

I am planning a BBQ for about 30 people, mostly adults/teens. I am thinking of cooking pulled pork in the oven to finish on the BBQ and also chicken skewers. Plus loads of bread, salad, olives etc.

As a non meat eater I wonder if this menu will meet with everyone's expectation - my main reason is I love cooking and burgers etc are so boring.

If you are invited to a BBQ do you expect traditional food or do you like something a bit different.

I realise pulled pork isn't exactly cutting edge food but my family seem to like it grin

sofasetteecouch Fri 10-Jun-16 12:05:30

Sounds lovely I'd be a bit dissapointed with a burger in a bun tbh

AnotherEmma Fri 10-Jun-16 12:05:54

I like both (traditional food and something a bit different). I love burgers and would be disappointed if there weren't any at a BBQ.

I understand the reluctance to cook lots of meat if you don't eat it yourself, but presumably that's a choice you make if you decide to host a BBQ?

You could always tell people what you're making and say they can bring burgers and/or sausages to cook on the BBQ if they want.

flowery Fri 10-Jun-16 12:06:03

I would expect them, only because that's what you normally have, but that's not to say I would be disappointed by their absence! Your planned menu sounds lovely.

KateLivesInEngland Fri 10-Jun-16 12:08:10

I suppose it depends on if you know there will any fussy eaters. I eat anything but I know my DH and one of my kids would be put off if there wasn't 'sauce free' plain meat. But you can't please everybody soooo .... ? I dunno. It's up to you grin

lljkk Fri 10-Jun-16 12:08:20

I wouldn't care (possibly not even notice), but my kids would be very disappointed if no burgers & ssgs.

Paulat2112 Fri 10-Jun-16 12:09:05

Burgers yes, but sausages not always. I don't think a bbq is a bbq without a burger :D My family hate pulled pork sad

IWILLgiveupsugar Fri 10-Jun-16 12:10:23

Pineapple is gorgeous cooked on a bbq, if you wanted suggestions wink

I like a burger - I think the teens will appreciate them. Sausages not so much but your plans sound lovely and I'm sure the adults especially will enjoy a more grown up choice of food.

ThereIsIron Fri 10-Jun-16 12:10:24

I wouldn't be disappointed well maybe a little bit, but I love burgers and could eat them to a band playing. Pulled pork in a bun sounds fab as well though grin

60sname Fri 10-Jun-16 12:11:52

I am anything but a rabid carnivore; I generally eat white meat/fish but even I would be disappointed to find a BBQ had neither sausages nor burgers

MTPurse Fri 10-Jun-16 12:12:26

Whenever we BBQ we always have a good variety of meats, Steaks, ribs, pulled pork, chicken skewers, belly pork etc but we also do burgers and sausages for the dc, they don't really want other meats. I find it the same with most of my friends dc also.

If I was invited to someone else BBQ I would be grateful of what was on offer smile

BYOSnowman Fri 10-Jun-16 12:14:12

As a non meat eater - my criticism of your menu is the lack of veggie food on the bbq? Could you stick on some halloumi/red pepper/corn on the cob?

My kids associate bbq with sausages but they are a lot younger than your guests. Could you buy a couple of packs? Personally I think what you are suggesting sounds fine - would there be rolls and sauces for the pulled pork?

Tiggeryoubastard Fri 10-Jun-16 12:17:35

That sounds boring - pulled pork and chicken skewers? Is that it for the barbecued meat? Bit miserable IMO.

TheNotoriousPMT Fri 10-Jun-16 12:17:53

Your menu sounds fab. I'm always thrilled when someone likes me enough to cook for me.

In my group of friends we all tend to bring a contribution to the BBQ, but I don't know if that's just us.

originalmavis Fri 10-Jun-16 12:19:19

What do the veggies get? I love grilled haloumi and veggie kebabs.

DubiousCredentials Fri 10-Jun-16 12:20:25

I think it's safer to include burgers especially if you have children or teens coming. Neither of mine would eat pulled pork. I love a burger too.

AnotherEmma Fri 10-Jun-16 12:20:27

YY to halloumi (enough for the meat eaters as well as the vegetarians!) and corn on the cob.

Halloumi. Mmmmm.

Cheezewhizz Fri 10-Jun-16 12:24:32

I would expect at least burgers. I always think of a BBQ being burgers, sausages, salad, bread, soda, beer and then depending who cooks you get chicken, veg kebabs etc.

Usually we provide some burgers, sausages, salad, sauces, soda and bread and do a "bring something" and others bring chicken drumsticks, drinks etc.

I wouldn't be disappointed with pulled pork but wouldn't ever think of it as a BBQ food and none of my kids would eat it.

originalmavis Fri 10-Jun-16 12:24:43

Separate Barbie for the veggie food - disposable ones are useful. Nobody likes beefy veggie kebabs!

ScenesFromAnItalianRestaurant Fri 10-Jun-16 12:31:42

anotheremma not at all reluctant to cook meat.

Veggies well catered for, as a non meat eater feel confident on that part so didn't mention.

RingUpRingRingDown Fri 10-Jun-16 12:33:48

I'd probably expect burgers, but am equally happy with kebabs, chicken skewers, chicken drumsticks or wings, shredded lamb, pretty much anything except pulled pork - I loathe it and it is everywhere now!

BYOSnowman Fri 10-Jun-16 12:38:14

What are you having for the veggies? Interested as I always focus on the meat and forget myself!!

AnotherEmma Fri 10-Jun-16 12:39:23

Well, you're doing pulled pork and chicken, so you clearly are willing to cook meat, just not meat you think is "boring"! It doesn't make much sense to me - you're not going to eat any of this meat, you're doing it purely for other people, so why not do the things they are likely to want and enjoy?

I wouldn't expect a vegetarian to go to lots of trouble cooking meat for me (I'd happily eat veggie food) but if they did go to the trouble of cooking pulled pork and wouldn't let me have a burger, I'd find that weird.

Hence my suggestion of telling people they're welcome to bring burgers and sausages if they want.

originalmavis Fri 10-Jun-16 12:39:40

I would happily sit with a huge bowl of potato salad and crusty bread.

AndNowItsSeven Fri 10-Jun-16 12:40:35

Yes I would expect burgers, sausages and preferably corn.

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