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Spelt flour in cakes

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Yukduck Sun 29-May-16 21:39:22

I am after some advice. I love making cakes. I want to use spelt flour as I think it will be better for us and I am into healthy eating.
I made a Victoria sponge using plain spelt flour, put a teaspoon of Bicarb of Soda and a teaspoon of Cream of Tartar into the mix and the result was a lovely fluffy sponge texture, BUT it was so disgustingly bicarby in taste that I threw it away as inedible! It tasted bitter, salty and yuk all down to the raising agent I used.
Ok, so I make excellent cakes using normal SR flour, so why doesn't it work with plain spelt flour and raising agent added?
Does anyone have a good recipe for a nice cake using spelt flour that I can try?

NannyMarmalade Mon 30-May-16 07:34:09

The BBC Food website says:
'You can make your own baking powder by combining 15ml/1tbsp bicarbonate of soda with 30ml/2tbsp cream of tartar. Measure carefully as too much or too little can upset a recipe’s balance.'

Maybe you had the wrong proportion.
Incidentally spelt makes a lovely pastry.

Yukduck Mon 30-May-16 10:27:46

Thankyou Nannymarmalade. It must have been the proportions. I think pastry is the way to go.

I can make things like jam tarts, lemon meringue pie and shortbread.
I have always made flapjacks so we will never starve if I don't make sponges!!

I like a full cake tin for us and visitors!

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