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Tonight's dinner experiments: a success and a failure

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hesterton Sun 29-May-16 20:07:08

So I am playing around with ingredients from a farm shop.

My failure was my first attempt to cook globe artichokes. Dunno what I did wrong - I wanted us to be able to peel off the 'leaves' and scrape the tender flesh with bottom teeth as I had done in France as a teenager. It was all a bit manky. A bit boiled cabbagey and an odd texture. The heart was ok but not the delicacy I recall. Overall very disappointing. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I could have improved it?

The success was roast radish quaŕters with roast shallots - the long French ones cut into four pieces lengthwise. Served with a cashew nut and lemon dip blitzed up in the nutribullet with some water to thin it slightly. I roasted the veg with young thyme from the garden. I'd add some little roast new potatoes next time for a more substantial meal.

It was nicer than it sounds!

Hassled Sun 29-May-16 20:11:16

I've had similar disappointment with globe artichoke. I remember having it as a kid in France - dunking the ends in vinaigrette - and it was just lovely. At home it was yes, a bit cabbagey.
I like the sound of the radish thing. Radishes are under-rated.

hesterton Sun 29-May-16 20:14:27

They are, I agree. Lovely raw, specially those oval French breakfast ones. Today is the first time I have ever cooked them. They lose their 'bite' and are mellower like beets. A different thing to the raw ones.

I usually buy a big bunch then end up eating half raw and chucking the rest as it's too much - and they can go soft quite quickly. So now I think I'll eat half raw and roast the rest.

Blondie1984 Sun 29-May-16 23:44:36

Globe artichokes can be tricky - but i've followed this Delia method and they normally turn out pretty well

I don't always bother with the vinaigrette though - melted butter is just as good for dunking them in

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