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How long to defrost sausages....

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Dickorydockwhatthe Sun 29-May-16 11:12:55

If I take them out of the freezer now will they defrost in time for dinner??

TyneTeas Sun 29-May-16 11:19:17

Dinner-lunch or Dinner-tea?

For lunch probably not, but sausages can be grilled from frozen

Destinysdaughter Sun 29-May-16 11:21:31

You can defrost in microwave, only takes a few mins!

UsernameTaken2 Sun 29-May-16 11:24:16

If you're cooking them in the oven you can cook from frozen just put them in about 15 mins earlier

Dickorydockwhatthe Sun 29-May-16 11:24:54

Yes tea sorry I don't normally say dinner grin

Dickorydockwhatthe Sun 29-May-16 11:26:14

Ah really it does say defrost thoroughly before cooking on the packet as they weren't brought frozen ???

NuggetofPurestGreen Sun 29-May-16 11:33:48

Just cook from frozen in oven as pp said. For about 25 mins. They come out all evenly cooked too.

Dickorydockwhatthe Sun 29-May-16 17:38:58

I wish I had known that years ago lol

lilydaisyrose Sun 29-May-16 17:43:25

I've got sausages on to cook now - griddling them straight from frozen (were fresh when bought).

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