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Quick, cheaty white sauce? Not Béchamel

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JanTheJam Wed 25-May-16 04:28:11

I'm sure this isn't something I've made up hmm

Is there a Jamie O recipe (possibly for lasagna) with a really quick and easy white sauce? Something like ricotta mixed with parmesan and an anchovy fillet? I can make Béchamel, even the quick MN microwave version but I want to try this for something different!

I can't find the bloody thing online though I probably could just look through all his books I CBA

Does anyone know what I'm talking about and is it any good?

Anna2710 Wed 25-May-16 04:39:27

JanTheJam Wed 25-May-16 04:53:49

That's it! Thank you, no idea why I couldn't find it!

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