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Help me use up Almond Butter please

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CaitAgusMadra Sun 22-May-16 17:39:19

I have half of a large tub of almond butter that needs using up. I found a nice looking recipe for cookies which I'll try but wondering if anyone has any savoury ideas? Could I use it in a satay or would the taste be too subtle?

TIA smile

RobberBride Sun 22-May-16 21:04:14

Almond butter and banana toasty
Almond butter and cheddar toasty
Almond butter and a spoon

Satay will work well

redpriestandmozart Sun 22-May-16 21:44:17

You just need a spoon... that's it just a spoon smile

Blondie1984 Sun 22-May-16 22:24:30

You can use it instead of tahini when making hummus

RJnomore1 Sun 22-May-16 22:25:26

It's good in porridge

slightlyglitterbrained Sun 22-May-16 22:26:16

Make pesto with it?

HerRoyalNotness Sun 22-May-16 22:27:42

I use it for snacking

Almond butter with:
On toast

CaitAgusMadra Sun 22-May-16 22:31:53

Thanks for all the suggestions but almond & cheddar toasty confused Just no!

Will def try it in hummus (have used peanut butter before & it was lovely) and satay.

I can't imagine it in pesto, would it get very sticky?

I'm a big fan of just eating it with a spoon or on slices of Apple but not making much inroad into my enormous tub which went out of date 3 months ago

RedKites Sun 22-May-16 22:34:19

May I ask where you got a large tub of almond butter? The little jars never seem to last very long, and I'm guessing it's better value for money in a larger quantity?

CaitAgusMadra Sun 22-May-16 22:50:31

It's been a while but think I got it on amazon. My local health food shop also does big tubs.

SanityClause Sun 22-May-16 22:53:44

I always use it instead of tahini, as DH gets eczema from sesame seeds.

Homous has been mentioned, and you can also use it in baba ganoush.

RedKites Sun 22-May-16 22:54:25

Ah, thanks.

slightlyglitterbrained Sun 22-May-16 22:56:12

I don't think pesto would use large quantities, but you can use it instead of something like pine nuts.

E.g. or

Or there's a this tasty sounding almond butter dressing from Post Punk Kitchen

Scarydinosaurs Sun 22-May-16 22:58:14

You're not spreading it thickly enough 😂

Could you use it in a cheesecake? Banana, almond with caramel (salted or otherwise?)

putthePuffindown Sun 22-May-16 23:11:52

What about using it in a tagine?

Adds almond butter to shopping list

AdoraBell Sun 22-May-16 23:15:54

Place marking. Bought a jar and find it far too glady on crackers. Can't eat real bread and I don't like GF bread so said jar is languishing in the cupboard blush

CaitAgusMadra Mon 23-May-16 19:43:42

Made a delicious veg satay this evening, very fattening satisfying.

Hummus on the menu for lunch tomorrow and will have this noodle salad later this week:
Have made it with peanut butter before and it's yum

Thanks for all the suggestions, will look over them again next week and try a couple more

ProfYaffle Mon 23-May-16 19:51:39

Soup - mushroom, ginger and almond butter. Really rich and yummy.

DeliveredByKiki Thu 26-May-16 06:17:15

Breakfast smoothie:
Soak dates in pre-brewed coffee, blend with frozen banana and almond butter

Spread thickly on a banana and eat

I have some recipes for snack protein balls

DD hates peanut butter but will tolerate an almond butter and jam sandwich

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