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Greek snacks for dd's class

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MyFriendsCallMeOh Sat 21-May-16 15:50:18

Dd's year 2 class is studying Ancient Greece at the moment and her teacher has asked me (class mum) to provide some Greek snacks for the class on the first day of their topic.

I'm good with hummous, Greek yoghurt and breadsticks / flat bread / veggies to dip but wondered if I was missing something. I could take in some pitted olives for them to try and maybe some dolmades. Baklava is off as it's a nut free school. Any thoughts?

Haudyerwheesht Sat 21-May-16 15:51:58


Chickpeachick0 Sat 21-May-16 15:52:58

Tzadsiki ? ( can't spell it ! )
Feta cheese blocks

Hungry now !

LIZS Sat 21-May-16 15:54:35

Olives, tzatikii , taramasalata

LunaLoveg00d Sat 21-May-16 15:55:11


Artandco Sat 21-May-16 15:55:45

Dolamades and tzaziki.

Filo parcels with spinach and feta

MyLocal Sat 21-May-16 15:56:10

Pita bread?

lilydaisyrose Sat 21-May-16 15:56:32

You can buy jars of stuffed vine leaves (are these dolmades?) from Tesco.

MyFriendsCallMeOh Sat 21-May-16 15:57:08

Can't believe I forgot the Greek cheese section, thank you!

Chickpeachick0 Sat 21-May-16 15:59:42

Those little sweet pastries ?

Pantah630 Sun 22-May-16 23:16:01

Spanikopita little filo triangles full of cheese and spinach. You could make bite size ones. Keftedes, Greek meatballs. Google Tonia Buxton for recipes.

MyFriendsCallMeOh Sun 22-May-16 23:22:51

Thank you. I can buy spanakopita and think that will do. Greek meatballs are lovely but kids probably won't be able to tell the difference between them and the usual ikea ones (plus I'll have to send them in cold). Lots of great ideas .... and it is only an afternoon snack.

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