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Dinner party for 3 omnivores and 1 vegetarian

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bibbitybobbityyhat Thu 19-May-16 10:59:47

Anyone fancy sharing their thoughts on a not too complicated main course that we will all enjoy, maybe having a small separate meat element for the meat eaters?

The vegetarian doesn't have a problem with people eating meat at the same table.

I don't want to spend hours on this so don't want to make essentially two different dishes. It's just mates round for dinner, nothing fancy.

Thank you!

Oh, and no aubergine or okra, should have said.

Spottyladybird Thu 19-May-16 11:08:45

Sometimes I've done a risotto that is vegetarian and had some roast chicken for the meat eaters.

Simple but tasty.

scampimom Thu 19-May-16 11:15:15

I'm veggie so when I cook for a mix of omnis and veggies, I'll often do something like the risotto idea above, but with some crispy pancetta to sprinkle on top (remember parmesan isn't vegetarian though, but a strong hard cheddar will work pretty well instead).
I sometimes do curries, and that's pretty easy to do - mostly vegetarian ones that everyone can share, with maybe a large chicken curry as their main thing. Just watch your spoons dipping from one sauce to another!

You can also make quick and easy cheat pies - buy ready-made puff pastry and cook up something like a chicken and leek filling, fold over like a pasty or parcel and bake, then on a separate tray have the veggie version - I like to gently fry up chopped mushrooms and red onions and sage or tarragon, then fold in some squares of feta and put that in the parcel. Then you can do roast potatoes and veg and similar for everyone to share.

cdtaylornats Thu 19-May-16 14:25:26

Vegetarian curry main course with various pakora including veg ones as a starter.

steffw89 Thu 19-May-16 15:12:36

I'm veggie and DH is most definitely not. Risotto is a good one, I usually do a yummy veggie one with some cooked and heated up chorizo in it for him. Or we have a steak night - steak for him - quorn peppered steaks, or gamon steaks, or escalopes are good. You can usually find a veggie alternative.

PhoenixReisling Sat 28-May-16 07:28:12

I would make a variety of vegtables/lentil curries (slow cooker/oven are your friend) and then make tandoori chicken pieces. This way the Vegi's have a choice over which curry they prefer and the meat eaters get meat to.

I would also make, salads and serve the above with rotis, pakoras and samosas.

OnyK Tue 31-May-16 17:13:05

I like PhoenixR's curry about chicken tikka kebabs and paneer tikka kebabs (can be prepared in advance) with a couple of veggie curries?

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