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Easy sauce for lamb but with no alcohol

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TSSDNCOP Wed 18-May-16 21:02:21

Having supper on Saturday, menu is stuffed lamb shoulder, dauphinois and green beans. Making a red wine based sauce, but need an alternative with no alcohol for non-alcohol friend.

Does anyone have any recipes please?

Whyhellodaffodil Wed 18-May-16 21:12:19

Red current jelly?

ImperialBlether Wed 18-May-16 21:16:42

I have a Delia recipe that's so easy but really lovely. Equal measures of mint jelly and redcurrant jelly. Put them in a saucepan with the zest of an orange. It's ready in minutes and is gorgeous.

TSSDNCOP Wed 18-May-16 21:37:34

Imperial that sounds lovely. Thank you it's been so hard finding something "wet" like a gravy without alcohol.

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