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Best kitchen gadget for chopping - doesn't need a million extra functions.

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clairedunphy Wed 18-May-16 14:18:35

What do you use for chopping veg quickly? I'm finally fed up of chopping endless amounts of onions, celery, carrots etc, which form the basis of many of my meals.

I don't think I need an expensive multi purpose gadget. I don't bake much and I have a bread maker so never make bread from scratch. But I don't want a flimsy thing that can only chop half an onion at a time and takes longer to wash up than the time I've saved on chopping.

Any great gadgets that you'd recommend?

Onsera3 Wed 18-May-16 14:27:31

No I don't have a great one.

I have this

And the chopper isn't for chopping at all. It makes things fine so good for onions for curry etc but not for chopping vege.

Then I got an expensive Kitchen Aid with the exp attachment for veges but it makes them more like grated and can only do really hard vege.

I actually find my mandoline the quickest and easiest thing to use and clean for slicing so I will try and find one that can julienne too. Though my julienne peeler is really good too.

I would love to know of this magic gadget if it exists.

clairedunphy Wed 18-May-16 14:29:58

Thank you. It shouldn't be that hard though should it? Is there a gap in the market? Is there anyone out there looking for an idea to make their millions...

Cineraria Wed 18-May-16 15:28:25

I love my Börner V5 mandoline. I bought an old version when I was 19 and it lasted 20 years until I melted it by leaving it on top of a saucepan. I was really lost until I got my new one.

TheSpottedZebra Wed 18-May-16 16:50:15

Just a basic food processor will do you, won't it? So with a big enough bowl to do a dinner's worth, but not loads of attachments that you don't need.

Or just buy frozen, pre chopped onions, or mirepoix?

clairedunphy Wed 18-May-16 17:33:38

Well I thought that zebra and then wondered if a basic food processor might mean poorer quality? Might go back to looking at them again.

TheSpottedZebra Wed 18-May-16 18:04:20

Not basic as in tesco value, but a 30 or 40 quid job should be fine!

TheSpottedZebra Wed 18-May-16 18:06:19

(as long as it had the blades you want)

TrionicLettuce Wed 18-May-16 18:25:24

We've got this and use it constantly, it's great.

Onsera3 Wed 18-May-16 18:56:42

Ooh that Borner one looks fab! I think mandolines give best results for least faff.

clairedunphy Thu 19-May-16 05:48:19

There are a couple of food processors reduced on Amazon so I'm now considering those. They're not much more expensive than Trionic's chopper and I'm lured by the notion that it might turn me into a keen chef and baker. Unlikely though.

Thanks all, a few options to consider.

andadietcoke Thu 19-May-16 06:16:40

I use a kenwood mini chopper for small veg and then get the big magimix out for anything bigger.

PrimalLass Thu 19-May-16 06:27:43

I have a Kenwood food processor and use it most days. It has been well worth the money,

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