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Microwave & Hob ideas....

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MrsPlopperson Sat 14-May-16 18:43:25

Hi all,

We're off to one of the Centerparcs in Holland in the summer and I've just realised our cottage has only a microwave and a hob for oven.

I enjoy cooking, especially when on holiday, but am having a bit of a mental block on nice recipes that only rely on the microwave or hob.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Just5minswithDacre Sat 14-May-16 18:47:15

Paella, stew, stir fry, chilli, curry...

You won't want to be trying out complicated new recipes on holiday, will you?

Just5minswithDacre Sat 14-May-16 18:48:17

Oh and spaghetti Bol, naturally. Can't self-cater and NOT do Spag Bol smile

Just5minswithDacre Sat 14-May-16 18:50:02

You can even do lighter fish/chicken and veg if you take a steamer. (Can you tell I've had recurrent oven trouble? grin )

MrsPlopperson Sat 14-May-16 19:30:59

Thanks. I guess I was hoping to try something new or at least a bit more special than usual - as holiday is the only time I really get to take my time over cooking...things like spag bol/stew, I batch cook regularly, so would like to steer clear of those. I will have a look at some paella and curry recipes and see if I can get excited about any of those.

cdtaylornats Sat 14-May-16 22:08:02

Chicken & Rice
Fish stew
Turkish Lamb

DontFeedTheDailyFail Sat 14-May-16 22:15:24

What about salads like mixed bean, cous cous, great big mixed green salads. Effort on the preparation rather than the stove bit.

For fish/ meat things that quick cook like gridled prawns, nice steak, crispy bacon that can be crumbled over salad with nice big shavings of parmesan.

AlohaMama Tue 17-May-16 06:27:27

It depends where you'll be shopping. On holiday I like to have salads and nice fresh bread or make an interesting rice side dish and then see what the local supermarket/butcher/fishmonger had that looks interesting. Easy enough to season or make a simple sauce to go with whatever meat or fish you've chosen. I prefer to find different local foods cooked simply than complicated recipes, but perhaps that's not what you're asking.

Spottyladybird Thu 19-May-16 20:33:50

Will there be a BBQ? You could do meat on there with various salads etc.

Stir fry
Pasta with various sauces

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