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Dinner ideas please!!

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Buggers Wed 11-May-16 10:32:40

I'm so fed up of having the same dinners every week!! I have an extremely fussy 3yr old who would happily live on vegetable chilli hmm. Anyone want to give some ideas?? And if anyone has a 3year old that likes food can someone tell me what they eat for dinner before I go insane!grin

pippistrelle Wed 11-May-16 11:00:31

I feel your pain, OP. I used to have one of those too. What will your fussy three year old eat? People might then be able to make suggestions that at least use ingredients that he/she deems acceptable.

I'm wondering about rice salad. (My train of thought being do you serve the vegetable chilli with rice? And then assuming rice and vegetables are both acceptable. I realise that such a linear thought process doesn't always fly with three year olds!)

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