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Steam ovens

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didireallysaythat Mon 09-May-16 23:41:04

What exactly do you cook in one, apart from fish and vegetables ? Actually, I guess that's quite a lot of food items.. Is there a good recipe book ? I maybe about to have a kitchen with a built in steam oven but I'm not convinced I'll use it..

Teapot13 Thu 12-May-16 03:09:01

Both MIL and SIL swear by them, although they are very into gadgets. I think SIL has a more modern version -- MIL was an early adopter. SIL's might do more stuff. She reheats food in it (rather than the microwave). SIL's might be a regular oven with a steam feature, which seems slightly more useful than just a steam oven.

You can use it to make breads that require steam, or to freshen up stale bread. (They are German so it's quite common for them to dampen day-old bread and bake it a few minutes so it seems fresh.) They make steamed dumplings in them. As with everything else they do with the steam oven, it isn't clear to me why the existing appliances aren't adequate to the job.

We are renovating our house and I am not considering a steam oven in the new kitchen.

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