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What to do with roasted peppers in a jar

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thatdarncat Mon 09-May-16 13:20:56


Bought them AGES ago (can't remember why) and they are going out of date in a few months. Any suggestions on what to do with them? The simple the better.

LisaRinnasLips Mon 09-May-16 13:26:19

In a sandwich with goats cheese and rocket.

Add to pasta sauce chopped up.

Cut up and add to salads cold

MermaidofZennor Mon 09-May-16 17:33:09

Think I might serve them with some grilled halloumi and a green salad.

Although that sandwich sounds delicious smile

NannyMarmalade Tue 10-May-16 08:00:17

On bruschetta or pizza

Helenluvsrob Tue 10-May-16 08:06:48

Is eat them with a fork the wrong answer?

murphys Tue 10-May-16 08:10:31

Make baby potato and peppadew (as I am assuming that is what they are) salad.

Boil baby potatoes. When cool, add cut up peppers, feta cheese and sweet chilli sauce and mix all together. So simple and quick, but a real crowd pleaser. I get asked to make it all the time.

loobylou10 Tue 10-May-16 08:15:24

Red pepper and tomato soup. Yum.

SalmonMaki Tue 10-May-16 08:18:45

Houmous and peppers on toast. Or chopped up into couscous.

Roussette Tue 10-May-16 08:21:37

I use them making this regularly...
Two chicken breasts, hold them with your hand and with a sharp knife cut horizontally and make a pocket. Stuff with roasted peppers from a jar, cheese (either stilton, goats cheese or at a push mozzarella), wrap in parma ham or bacon. Bake in oven.

Doesn't matter if they are bursting open, you can use a couple of cocktail sticks if you want, either way it tastes yummy!

LisaRinnasLips Tue 10-May-16 08:47:14

Stuffed in chicken sounds great.

I think peppadew are the small spicey ones they stuff with cheese?
I thought op had the long sweet kind. All yum tho!

LisaRinnasLips Tue 10-May-16 08:48:07

Nice stuffed in chicken with feta I imagine as the saltiness would go nice with the sweetness. I'm hungry now

Sleepingonthebus Tue 10-May-16 08:50:23

Helenluvsrob - I came on here to say the exact same thing!

sleepwhenidie Tue 10-May-16 08:55:19

In Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal book there's a tapas menu and one of the dishes is whole peppers stuffed with breadcrumbs, Manchego and blanched almonds, you combine the stuffing ingredients with red wine vinegar and olive oil in food processor, stuff and bake (or maybe grill) - it's fantastic.

Roussette Tue 10-May-16 09:02:41

Oooh yes, I've used feta too. TBH lots of cheeses work - just not cheddar. Stilton is lovely but of course you have to like blue cheese. It often leaks out a bit and I put the juices in a pan with some red wine and reduce it, if you want to make it all poncey! smile

LisaRinnasLips Tue 10-May-16 09:26:32

Lovely! sleep that sounds delicious

HelenF35 Tue 10-May-16 09:33:17 this is amazing!

thatdarncat Tue 10-May-16 10:42:07

Thanks, these are great, especially the stuffed chicken, sandwich and peppadew suggestions. Eating them out the jar with a fork did cross my mind but after eating a few they are a bit samey so needed some ideas. Also on a budget so wanted to make them go further.

Thanks again for all the helpful suggestions.

EnriqueTheRingBearingLizard Tue 10-May-16 13:18:26

Are they in oil or brine? I made a mistake once and got the ones in brine from Lidl. I didn't rinse them off and so the finished dish was too salty.

Anyhow. I know I'm a bit late to comment but I make a version of Piedmont Peppers. Cook down chopped up cherry tomatoes and finely diced red onion, add favourite herb, place mix on top of pepper slices, you can fold them over if you like and pop back in the oven to heat through.

It's based on an Elizabeth David recipe and Nigel Slater gives more ideas here

Chewbecca Tue 10-May-16 20:57:55

spaghetti with Spanish flavours, yummy, super quick midweek pasta

JapanNextYear Tue 10-May-16 21:02:43

I buy them to make this and use any leftover in omelettes.

Eliza007 Wed 11-May-16 10:36:21

here are a few ways to use them

ismellSwell Wed 11-May-16 10:42:31

Are you sure they're not ornamental and not for human consumption?
I remember some years back it was a thing to buy brightly colored vegetables and pulses in jars that were then displayed in the kitchen.

wheatchief Wed 11-May-16 12:30:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sleepwhenidie Wed 11-May-16 15:18:42

grin Ismell - they do look pretty displayed but are definitely for consumption!

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