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Too much date syrup

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MunchCrunch01 Sun 08-May-16 12:26:37

What would you do with a glut of date syrup? Foolishly bulk bought it and can't think what for, I've got 3 jars of it nearing their BBE.

ShatnersBassoon Sun 08-May-16 12:31:38

Is it like syrup of figs? It might be tricky to get rid of a large amount of it quickly confused

situatedknowledge Sun 08-May-16 12:40:45

It's nice on vanilla ice cream. I'll have a think about any recipes that might use a lot. Do you have any Yotam Ottolenghi books? He uses it often I think.

MrsLeighHalfpenny Sun 08-May-16 12:44:23

Can you use it in flapjacks instead of sugar? Or anywhere instead of sugar?

MunchCrunch01 Sun 08-May-16 12:51:34

I've got quite a few ottolenghi books but the recipes are so faffy we never do any! I'll try the ice cream and flapjacks today - hope no nuclear effect!

AwkwardSquad Sun 08-May-16 18:03:48

I wouldn't pay much attention to the bbe date. It's not likely to go off, it's basically unrefined sugar.

MunchCrunch01 Sun 08-May-16 20:03:14

That's true - it's a cupboard space issue too - I'm moving soon and I don't want to pay to transport the same jars of date syrup I foolishly bulk bought on Amazon and have them staring at me from a new kitchen for another year smile

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