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Jacket potatoes in the slow cooker?

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AButterflyLightsBesideUs Wed 27-Apr-16 09:36:34

We are mid kitchen refit and have no cooker/hob/sink/dishwasher. Essentially camping in the lounge with a slow cooker, microwave, kettle and toaster and having horribly painful on the back washing up over the bath afterwards. With that in mind I'm trying to do minimally messy food.

So, can you do jacket potatoes in the slowcooker? Are they nicer than in the microwave? How do you do it? Oil or not and how long for?

And any other ideas for dinners over the coming few days gratefullly received...

PurpleRibbons Wed 27-Apr-16 09:39:14

I've done them, they were better than the microwave but not as good as in the oven. I can't remember whether I wrapped them in foil or not, sorry.

Seeyounearertime Wed 27-Apr-16 09:42:09

I do t think it's the right heat, if that makes sense? Don't Jackets need a drier heat? Slow cooking is a wet heat. I know what I mean lmao.

Try a chicken stew dinner. Get some ready cooked sliced chicken, some veg, bung that in the slow cooker with water, leave for a few hours on high. When ready peel and chop spuds, put in a covered jug in the microwave for 20 minutes, till soft. Thcken slowcooker water with a bit of gravy, serve.
If there's enough left over you can have it with crusty bread the day after.

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Wed 27-Apr-16 10:01:40

aha, think I have an answer. We'll give it a go. I must admit Seeyou, I am curious whether they are all soggy but apparently it's ok. Not much to lose is there and cheaper than a takeaway wink

canyou Wed 27-Apr-16 10:04:11

I wrap them in foil and they come out fine. I often do foil wrapped potatoes and after 2 hrs I add foil wrapped fish and veggie to the pot. It has never failed me yet smile

Seeyounearertime Wed 27-Apr-16 10:05:48

Wow, think I'm gonna try them sometime.
I luffs my slow cooker. grin

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Wed 27-Apr-16 10:06:35

Canyou fab that is very reassuring, and great idea to do a normal meal like that. I miss normal food!! A bit sick of salad/bread/cold meat/micro rice type meals.

I have however finally got to grips with porridge in the microwave after one totally disastrous exploding incident. Quite hard to clean up when you have no sink and have to keep running upstairs to the bathroom to rinse out the cloth...

canyou Wed 27-Apr-16 10:12:34

Get a timer switch for the slow cooker. I make porridge in it over night. Any hot breakfast we have comes from the slow cooker there are great ideas out there. Try stephanie o dea she is on facebook she has nice recipes etc

canyou Wed 27-Apr-16 10:14:13

Oh and my fussy lot don't eat potato skins but like them scooped out mixed woth cheese and veg and grilled so the crispyness of the skins is not an issue for me.

murkylurker Wed 27-Apr-16 10:37:29

def wrap them in foil and prick them. They come out a beautiful golden colour!

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