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favourite slowcooker recipes?

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ichoosesleep Thu 21-Apr-16 10:27:14

I need some more recipes for our tea as I'm running out of ideas! We usually have chicken, stewing beef, and mince , We use 5% beef mince from lidl or asda. I tend to prefer using the slowcooker so tea is ready once he kids are home from after school activities. So far I've made a Lasange , bolagnaise and chilli

With the chicken and beef it's usually stew or curry.

Brieandstilton Thu 21-Apr-16 14:53:14

I like this one. It's lamb mice but would probably taste good with beef too.

Ilikewinetoomuch Sun 24-Apr-16 02:33:26

Pulled beef, lamb or pork!

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