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Vegetable accompaniment inspiration needed

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1frenchfoodie Wed 20-Apr-16 07:33:18

I've fallen into a bit of a broccoli/carrot/peas/cabbage rut - usually steamed - so looking for inspiration for veg to go with meals. We eat salads and coleslaw and a wider range e.g beansprouts, mushrooms and spinach in stir fries but with more traditional meat and veg the above have become fallbacks. The rut was due to DH not being keen on a lot of veg (courgettes, leeks, butternut squash, peppers, parsnip, celery) but he has clarified that he is okay to eat all but celery occasionally. Finally, after 7 years together..

I'm planning the following but would appreciate your ideas too

Braised fennel.
Green medley (leeks, peas, broccoli steamed then finished with butter and tarragon).
Garlic mushrooms

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