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Not sure if this is right place to post this but what's your favourite instant coffee and tea bags?

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Indecisivejo Mon 11-Apr-16 19:36:20

That's it grin

DraenorQueen Mon 11-Apr-16 19:42:00

I don't drink tea but a good cheapish instant coffee is Necafe's Alta Rica. Also I sometimes buy those pots of flavoured coffee - usually caramel flavoured. Vair nice!

Dachshund Mon 11-Apr-16 19:43:15

Percol Black and Beyond Espresso Powder is the only good instant coffee imo. It's on offer at Sainsburys at the mo!

TheScottishPlay Mon 11-Apr-16 19:44:24

Coffee: Mellow birds with Coffee Mate. Heaven!

Tea: Clipper Earl Grey.

YourBubzYourRulzHun Mon 11-Apr-16 19:44:39

Yorkshire Tea definitely. Other teas don't come close.
I like Nescafé Azera for instant.

Indecisivejo Mon 11-Apr-16 20:43:46

Oooh mellow birds with coffee mate mmmmmm!

Is Yorkshire tea really that nice?? Why?

Indecisivejo Mon 11-Apr-16 20:44:31

Do you add sugar and milk to earl grey just like "normal" tea?

YourBubzYourRulzHun Mon 11-Apr-16 20:46:24

Yes. Yorkshire Tea is the best. I can't drink other tea now, it just tastes so lacklustre. I try and buy it in bulk from Costco when I remember so I never run out.

parissont Mon 11-Apr-16 20:49:11

Twinings English breakfast
Carte noire expresso

Nanasueathome Mon 11-Apr-16 20:50:38

Percol americano
Yorkshire tea

Lovelydiscusfish Mon 11-Apr-16 20:53:40


Parisbanana Mon 11-Apr-16 20:56:24

PG Tips and Kenco (the blue one - rich?)

TheScottishPlay Mon 11-Apr-16 21:00:14

Indecisivejo, yes, I do add a bit of milk to my Earl Grey. Some would be horrified at this though!

Notso Mon 11-Apr-16 21:11:48

Tea is Tetley, I do like Yorkshire tea as well though.

I never use instant coffee so I don't know about that. Whenever I've tried it it just tastes bitter.

Milliways Mon 11-Apr-16 21:17:43

Millicano coffee if using instant, and Yorkshire Tea.

I'm going to look for that Percol stuff to take camping this weekend.

TheWoollybacksWife Mon 11-Apr-16 21:18:41

I don't drink coffee but second the suggestion for Clipper Earl Grey but I drink it without milk.

Indecisivejo Tue 12-Apr-16 07:59:20

What's the diff between earl grey and traditional tea then? And which Yorkshire one as there's lots! Is it really sad that I'm excited about goin sains!!!

Nibbl3s Tue 12-Apr-16 09:54:10

Tea - sainsburys fair trade
Coffee- kenco decaf

AveEldon Tue 12-Apr-16 09:56:33

Yorkshire tea

parissont Tue 12-Apr-16 10:50:52

Felt the need to report in to say that I ran out of tea. Went to the shop and Yorkshire gold was in special offer so bought instead of twinings. It's delicious! Thanks mumsnet!

Indecisivejo Tue 12-Apr-16 11:22:20

I've just been and bought mellow birds and coffee mate grin

Have lots of tea bags at mo but definitely buying Yorkshire ones when I'm running low! (Unless I see them on offer before that then I'll grab them)

Skivvywoman Tue 12-Apr-16 12:41:37

Kenco or dowie egberts

Don't drink tea

YourBubzYourRulzHun Tue 12-Apr-16 17:41:38

I've never had Yorkshire Gold, I normally just buy the red box one. I'm going to treat myself to the Gold one if I see it next time I'm shopping.

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