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Meal ideas for picky, v. small 2 yr old

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InFrance2014 Sat 09-Apr-16 16:25:08

Sorry for long post...
Our DD is 25 months, at 3% percentile, always small, but hugely active. I know its a classic age for being fussy, and we never make a big deal of her not wanting food, but I worry often ends up with a bit of a limited diet (DH is SAHD, so also I try not to micro-manage meals).
Things she eats, but not reliably:
Bread & butter
Toast and nut butter
Yoghurt, plain or with blended fruit
Eggy things - eggy bread, friend egg pieces, crepes, omelettes
Lumps or grated cheese
Plain pasta
Peas, occasionally sweetcorn
Gnaws on whole carrot sometimes but not cooked
Fish fingers
Just tried chicken nuggets (we are otherwise veggie normally)
Always eats green olives, but I worry about salt
Cartons of veg soup
Occasionally rice
Chips, but not other potato things
Whole fruits
Crackers esp. with cheese

Doesn't like:
Things with sauces on e.g. pasta
More complex meals e.g. pizza, lasagne, bakes, curry, cottage pie
Most vegetable things, whether raw, cooked, or blended into things (which is hard anyway as sauces not liked much).

Do we just need to be more patient, and not expect her to eat 'grownup' stuff yet? So many people say they just feed what they eat as a family, but that hardly ever works for us. Lots of small portions of simple things with choice seems best.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 10-Apr-16 18:05:39

My dd went through an horrendous fussy stage so you have my upmost sympathy. We have learnt along the way to just serve what we are having but try to include something she will eat. So if you were having Dahl and rice, maybe put a strip of omelette on her place or a small piece of cheese.

We also try to follow the don't make a fuss thing. She can't remove things from her plate, unless she's eating them of course, but equally she doesn't have to eat anything. There are no alternatives offered and once we dramatically cut down on snacks she ate her meals much better.

At this age they need to eat much less than you would think. They have grown dramatically since birth but that is beginning to slow down. Has she always been on the 3rd percentile for weight and what is her height like?

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