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Vegetable stock

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StuffEverywhere Thu 07-Apr-16 18:48:18

Does anyone actually prepare vegetable stock in this way? i.e. boil veg and then throw them in the bin? Seems like such a waste! And makes meals expensive.

If you do, how often do you do it? For your every meal/soup that requires it, or just for special meals for weekends, dinner parties and so forth.

Thank you.

Pointlessfan Thu 07-Apr-16 18:51:02

I have a ziploc bag in the freezer into which I put things like broccoli/cauliflower stalks, the bottom bit off celery, carrot tops etc and when it's full I stick them all in the slow cooker with a litre of hot water and leave it simmering all day. It makes lovely stock which I use yo make Jamie Oliver's vegan gravy, delish!

StuffEverywhere Thu 07-Apr-16 18:59:09

Sounds like a great idea Pointlessfan!

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