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Meal inspiration required based on these ingredients

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Paddingtonthebear Wed 06-Apr-16 12:49:30

I really need some inspiration for evening meals, mainly for my three year old who is slightly fussy. These are the things she will eat:

Beef, lamb and mince.
Tinned tuna if disguised in a sauce wink
Carrots, peppers, sweet corn, green beans, courgette, aubergine basically any roasted veg
Potato croquettes. Mashed potato if on something eg a cottage pie but not if separate hmm
Sometimes eats chips
Pesto. Olives, gherkins, capers
Any type of pasta or spaghetti - spag bol, lasagne
Tomato or veg sauces and soups
Casseroles, chilli, pies and pastry
Any bread
Yorkshire pudding

Basically she won't eat chicken, egg, rice, fish (not even fish fingers or fish cakes) and most forms of potato. She is happy to scoff down things like spicy Turkish meatballs though hmm

I appreciate there's a variety she will eat but I've hit a wall with ideas and she is having the same things all the time at the moment blush

Cookingongas Wed 06-Apr-16 17:20:27

These courgette polpette are lovely and fit within your frame

Aubergine parmigiana


Lamb or beef hot pot

Toad in the hole

What about lamb and apricot tagine- has she tried Cous Cous?

Soup isn't listed- minestrone fits the bill, or ribollata, or basic veg soup etc

What about beef and veg fajitas/ taco?

Beef mince cobbler is lovely- my kids call it mince n scones

Butter bean mash is a good substitute for mash if she likes it.

Cookingongas Wed 06-Apr-16 17:25:52

Black olive and rocket pizza ( and many other pizza) or a sheet of puff pastry topped with olives, veg and cheese- again my dc love this.

Ham and leek pie

Refried bean tacos

Broccoli Mac and cheese ( also nice with tomatoes instead of broccoli)

Pasta Carbonara

Ham and pea soup

Noodles? A miso noodle soup, or beef ramen, beef stir fry etc

Paddingtonthebear Wed 06-Apr-16 17:54:31

Yes these are great thank you!
She likes the filo pastry with roasted veg, I do that fairly often
She does like soup - tomato, minestrone or veg. I should make some homemade really
I think she would love tacos too

Paddingtonthebear Wed 06-Apr-16 17:55:29

Cous cous is a No. Same as rice hmm

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