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Modern way to eat - which are the good recipes?

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neolara Tue 05-Apr-16 14:51:21

I've just bought Anna Jones' "Modern Way to Eat" on the recommendation of a friend. Can anyone recommend anything particularly nice I should start with?

(There seems to be a lot of kale involved and I absolutely loathe kale. And we can't do anything with peanuts in either because of allergies.)

Cookingongas Wed 06-Apr-16 07:34:41

I'm not home but from memory;

The blood orange margaritas. Seriously - the book is worth the cost for this alone.

The sweet potato dhal. Hands down best recipe of the book imo

The chilli is very nice but serves thousands.- freezes well though

The coconut and tomato cassoulet is lovely- sounds weird but it does work

There's a roast tomato bean and potato thing with basil- that's a good midweek staple here.

I remember the avocado pasta went down very well when we coved it in mn cookbook club

Is the green ribollata in modern way to eat? If so- it's very good, and can be converted to slow cooker.

neolara Wed 06-Apr-16 15:24:34

Thank you. I hadnt realised it has been focus of a MN bookclub. I'll have a look.

HeadDreamer Thu 07-Apr-16 13:30:20

I second the sweet potato dhal.

As for kale, are you using normal kale? Or ones like cavolo nero? I couldn't stand the normal kale but love cavolo nero. You can always sub with cabbages like savoy.

LordEmsworth Sun 10-Apr-16 20:01:57

All of them.

I love the sweet potato dhal, make it loads.

The ricotta & sweet potato bake takes a while to make but is delicious (and freezes well).

The chilli is quick, easy and nice.

The noodles with tofu & red cabbage is great. There is a similar one with brown sushi rice - I haven't managed to find brown sushi rice, but it's really nice with rice or noodles instead, and packs up well.

The lentil soup with kale on top is great even without the kale.

The smoked tofu sandwich is my favourite sandwich ever.

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