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Whole Sea Bass

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ResetPassword Thu 31-Mar-16 08:59:58

I have two smallish whole Sea Bass I usually cook fillets but I can't be arsed faffing filleting them and they aren't really big enough.
I have chorizo, loads of veg & a bursting store cupboard of usual items. Feeding 2 adults. Any ideas what can I do with them?

oliviaclottedcream Thu 31-Mar-16 09:53:43

Fry your chorizo till the juices come out a bit, with a little onion and tiny cubed up spuds..and/or veg'. .

Add some butter and oil to the pan,
dip your Seabass in seasoned flour and fry in the same pan.

Sounds like the sort of thing they' do in Spain.. What ever you do, keep it simple. Seabass deserves it.. Good luck;

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