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Beef for beef stew

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Kraggle Wed 30-Mar-16 17:13:32

Ive got some stewing steak that has a use by of today. I need to make a beef and ale stew. Could I bung it in the slow cooker now and leave it to cool on the side overnight then refrigerate?

Or should I throw everything in the slow cooker mix it all up and bung it in the fridge uncooked and hope the beef won't go off in the ale mixture? I won't have time to prep in the morning.

nancy75 Wed 30-Mar-16 17:14:58

cook now and reheat tomorrow - it will taste better

Kraggle Wed 30-Mar-16 17:17:36

Will it be ok overnight on the side though? It will take 4ish hours in slow cooker so will be too hot to go into the fridge.

nancy75 Wed 30-Mar-16 17:18:27

I always leave stuff like that on the side, just make sure it's got a lid on

Drinksforeveryone Wed 30-Mar-16 17:20:13

I would be happy with that.

Unless it is tropical in your kitchen overnight. Ours is chilly so it wouldn't come to any harm.

Love beef stew.

Kraggle Wed 30-Mar-16 17:25:39

Nope not tropical! I will bung it on now. I thought the date on it was Friday so I panicked when I saw it and realised it was today! I wouldn't leave something like chicken on the side but beef I don't think will be as bad for some reason.

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