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Egg boiling.

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Howaboutthisone Fri 25-Mar-16 11:17:12

Ok- I've finally mastered boiling an egg to my exact liking so the the white is just set but the yolk is lovely and runny. I'm planning a starter on Easter Sunday that needs my eggs to have runny yolks. How much does doing 6 instead of 1 alter the cooking time for the same result? I'm currently adding the egg to boiling water and boiling for 4.5 mins.
Help please! Thanks!

Trills Fri 25-Mar-16 11:36:24

The "coldness" of the eggs will bring the water down from boiling to not-boiling.

More eggs = more time to get back to boiling again.

If the eggs are from the fridge then even more so.

I don't think anyone can answer this for you - I'd guess 6 mins.

AreBags Fri 25-Mar-16 11:56:52

I use the rule of putting the room temp eggs in a cold pan, waiting until they're boiling and then simmering for EXACTLY 3 mins and it's not failed me yet. I think it works because the water takes longer to boil if you're doing more eggs... if that makes any sense?!

AnnieOnnieMouse Fri 25-Mar-16 14:11:23

buy an eggboiler timer - one of these - you can get in hardware stores, etc
keep them with your eggs, and you'll always have eggs to perfection

Howaboutthisone Sat 26-Mar-16 09:15:28

Thanks for these suggestions!

NoahVale Sat 26-Mar-16 09:20:35

I do the same as Arebags.

mrsooomoo Sat 26-Mar-16 10:02:28

Buy one of these. You just add the required amount of water according to the number of eggs and softness, and thats it.

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