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Meal plans for Easter weekend and beyond

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lastqueenofscotland Thu 24-Mar-16 11:03:40

Been doing mine this morning
Friday: takeaway grin
Saturday: penne arrabiatta
Sunday: roast sweet potato, pepper and caramelised onion fajitas
Monday: spinach and ricotta stuffed mushrooms
Tuesday: baked pea wonton dumplings
Wednesday: lentil burgers with wedges and salad
Thursday: chickpea curry
Friday sundried tomato and brocolli pasta

Lots of that sounds lovely , especially the fajitas.

We've got:

Today: dhal, rice, bhajis, salad, minty yoghurt
Tomorrow - probably out
Saturday - out, if we didn't go out on Friday. On the night we're not out, veggie tacos, salad and guacamole
Sunday - sausage (veggie for me), roasted balsamic onions, sweet potato mash, giant Yorkshire puddings (not homemade because I'm lazy), carrots, savoy cabbage
Monday - probably egg, chips and peas!
No idea beyond that but I've got various bits in, so could do a soup of some sort, or pasta if we fancied either of them.

PhoenixReisling Fri 25-Mar-16 15:38:38

Friday: steak and chips
Saturday: Eating out
Sunday: slow roasted lamb cooked with red wine/garlic/Rosemary, roast potatos/carrots, Savoy cabbage, brocolli, Yorkshire puddings and lashings of gravy
Monday: BBQ (but prob not as the weather will be rubbish)

guineapig1 Sun 27-Mar-16 20:29:52

We have had:
Friday- Indian takeaway
Saturday - bubble and squeak with grated cheese, salami and poached egg
Sunday - roast lamb with all the trimmings

Monday- out for afternoon tea so probably won't need much but have some spicy parsnip soup made that we can have if peckish
Tuesday: Goan chicken curry with rice and flatbreads
Wednesday: hake with veg and new potatoes
Thursday: sausage pasta bake
Friday: omelettes or frittata

Cookingongas Sun 27-Mar-16 22:08:07

Monday- roast beef, yorkshires, creamed leeks and watercress salad
Tuesday- sweet potato dhal
Wednesday- thyme and mushroom ravioli ( pot noodle if it fails as I've never made ravioli before )
Thursday- meatballs and chips
Friday- bottom of the fridge veg stew
Saturday- something middle Eastern

CaptainWarbeck Tue 29-Mar-16 07:24:55

I was hoping there'd be a meal plan thread, I'm in need of inspiration. Not Easter since we've had it but the rest of the week for us is:

Veggie lasagne
Spanish tortilla
Baked mushroom risotto
Toasted wraps with falafel and halloumi
Some sort of big vat of daal
Baked potatoes with baked beans, fried onions and boursin for a day we're feeling lazy
Quorn garlicky roasted pumpkin pie

Cookingongas Tue 29-Mar-16 11:51:24

Captain- you inspired me to shove a baked mushroom risotto int oven for lunch. Smells like it'll be lovely in half hours time- thanks

CaptainWarbeck Tue 29-Mar-16 12:31:37

Hope it was tasty cooking - we even use the mumsnet recipe for it too.

lastqueenofscotland Fri 01-Apr-16 09:49:34

Done mine for the week
Tonight: pasta with sundried tomato, garlic brocolli and goats cheese
Tomorrow: left overs
Sunday: lentil and veggie stew
Monday: cheese and courgette enchiladas
Tuesday: quinoa and veg salad
Wednesday: roast garlic and artichoke pasta (dried pasta is breeding in my kitchen I need to use some up hense two pasta dishes)
Thursday: spicy rice noodle salad
Friday: veggie paella

CaptainWarbeck Fri 01-Apr-16 10:01:53

How do you do your veggie paella queen?** I don't think I've ever had one.

CaptainWarbeck Fri 01-Apr-16 10:02:23

Whoops don't know what those stars are doing there

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