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Easter lunch help please

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Ladycrazycat Wed 23-Mar-16 10:15:29

We are hosting Easter lunch. This will be the first time we've hosted a big meal as we've always lived in a flat before. There will be 11 (with possibly another 4) coming.

The plan is to cook a chicken and a pork joint. The chicken is because there are a couple of fussy eaters who may not like pork. The pork is because we have someone who keeps pigs in the family and have been offered a large free range, home reared pork joint. Their pork products are amazing.

My plan is to slow cook one and oven roast the other but I'm not sure which. Would you slow cook the pork or the chicken?

I've also cooked ham in coca cola before. Do you think this would work as well with a pork joint? It seems like a silly question but I'm really not sure.

For sides I'm not too sure what to do. We would ideally like to do some roast potatoes and yorkshires (everyone likes them) and then carrots & parsnips in honey or a Mediterranean roast vegetable medley thing. Beyond that im not too sure but I'm thinking of trying to do a couple of dishes that don't requre the oven to save on space.

We haven't decided whether to do a starter but I'm thinking if we do we might do home made smoked salmon Pate wrapped in smoked salmon which I made at Chrisfmas time for my side of the family and went down well. Unless someone has any other suggestions or can suggest some canapés instead?!

For dessert my mum is cooking an Easter cake and I probably need to think of one other thing! Any suggestions?

To top it off in currently pregnant and will be 13+3 on Sunday. Morning sickness came back with Vengeance this morning although I'm hoping its a blip and I'll be ok!

If anyone has any suggestions for any of he above it will be much appreciated. In a bit of a panic now! shock

PurpleDaisies Wed 23-Mar-16 10:30:28

Definitely slow cook the pork not the chicken. Depending on what type of joint it is you could whack it in a really hot oven at the end to get crackling. If you're doing yorkshires and spuds I'd do parsnips and carrots rather than Mediterranean veggies. Then you can have gracy. I'm really glad we're not the only ones who have Yorkshire puds regardless of what meat it is! I like green things do I'd probably do a bowl of peas and broccoli as well but you sound like you've got plenty already.

Your starter sounds delicious. For pudding I'd probably do a cheesecake or a pavlova with mini eggs on top.

Hope you feel better

shoeaddict83 Wed 23-Mar-16 10:31:59

Sounds lovely!
As a thought Why dont you steam the vegetables instead to save oven space?
With regards to cooking pork in cola - i know it works with ham but i dont eat pork so couldnt comment on that. Not sure it would taste the same though tbh??

For starters what about a soup you can make easily in advance then warm through in a big pan served with a selection of bread?
I love making bruschetta too as its dead easy and again you can make the topping in advance then just grill the ciabatta bread and top with the mixture, along with goats cheese/feta if inclined?

Ladycrazycat Sat 26-Mar-16 07:58:35

Thanks everyone and sorry I haven't been back. Been awful with morning sickness the last few days.

Definitely going to go for the smoked salmon Pate starter as I can't eat goats cheese as I'm pregnant (I would love goats cheese right now) and DH hates soup!

We have delegated desserts now so not having to worry! 😃

Thanks for all Your help and have a lovely Easter.

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