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Packed lunches for 4yo - creative suggestions please!

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Sheila Tue 25-May-04 15:44:44

DS has decided to go on sandwich strike. He has to take a packed lunch to nursery every day (they don't have a kitchen) and I'm concerned because he's leaving his sandwiches and only eating his yoghurt at the moment. I'm all out of ideas about what to put in that's healthy and that he'll enjoy - anyone got any ideas?

Can anyone recommend the Annabel Carmel book on this subject?

Grateful for any help - save my son from starvation!

Fio2 Tue 25-May-04 15:45:46

a cob and a banana

dinosaur Tue 25-May-04 15:47:16

Somewhere on here there was a thread called "A month of packed lunch ideas" - I'll have a look for it.

Kayleigh Tue 25-May-04 15:48:31

small cooked sausages
chicken satay on sticks
pot of pasta salad
couple of babybels with cut up cucumber & baby toms
pot of dip (houmus, tzaziki) with veg, breadsticks to dip

dinosaur Tue 25-May-04 15:48:32


Kayleigh Tue 25-May-04 15:49:47

will he eat a small roll instead of a sandwich ?

pitta bread stuffed with something ?

waitinggame Tue 25-May-04 15:50:21

Have you tried things like carrot, cucumber sticks etc etc

When my dd gets fed up of sandwiches I find giving her picnic type food for a few days help - she loves savory mini eggs and cocktail sausages for lunch.

With the vegtable sticks to make it a bit more healthy of course

marthamoo Tue 25-May-04 15:50:37

My eldest ds always liked "pocket bread" (that's pitta bread to the uninitiated!). I would fill it with the same kind of stuff I would put in a sandwich: tuna mayo and sweetcorn, grated cheese and ham. He also liked to have a tortilla wrap - these are best with a *damp* filling like tuna mayo: spread all over then roll up and cut into slices - like swiss roll.

Another firm favourite was houmous in a small lidded tub, with batons of carrot, cucumber, celery and baby sweetcorns.

Would he eat pasta salad or rice salad - in a small sandwich tub, with a plastic fork? Ds1 always refused this as it was too *different* to what the other kids were having ("no-one takes a fork!"

Btw, all this is past tense because (despite my best eforts at imaginative lunch boxes) he now has school dinners

Blu Tue 25-May-04 15:51:32

Breadsticks and some hummous
Those soft tortilla wraps with fillings (tuna etc)
A pie or pasty?
Chunky slice of Spanish Omlette?
Cold fish fingers
Cold sausage
Scotch egg
slice of cold pizza

Kayleigh Tue 25-May-04 15:53:26

dino think that link gives packed lunches for older children - it says "The table below gives the nutritional guidelines per lunch for 9 to 12 year olds."
But probably okay to use some of the ideas. Just need to adapt portion sizes for younger ones.

waitinggame Tue 25-May-04 15:53:45

I agree with the tortilla wrap thing martha - My daughter thinks they are pancakes - the type you get with chinese crispy duck - she thinks it's a real treat to have them.

Sheila Tue 25-May-04 15:54:52

Fantastic ideas - keep them coming! I will have a go at these. Many, many thanks.

dinosaur Tue 25-May-04 15:55:28

Rather frighteningly Kayleigh I think my DS2 (aged nearly three) would make short work of most of them! No wonder he's on the 91st centile for weight!

waitinggame Tue 25-May-04 15:58:17

Do they have a microwave????

My dd also has the little tins of sausage in spagetti, macaroni cheese, and spag bol etc etc etc.

They are so quick and easy

Kayleigh Tue 25-May-04 16:00:23

LOL dino. My ds2 would sit for a week looking at that lot. He'd probably manage the cake/bun part though !

bundle Tue 25-May-04 16:00:26

cook corn on the cob (preferably chargrilled, rather than just boiled/steamed) & give him a large chunk (say a third) with a dip eg hummus, tomato chutney.
small fishcakes to dip too (cold mash mixed with tinned tuna, capers if liked, then chuck them into beaten egg & cover with breadcrumbs & fry in a little butter)

Fio2 Tue 25-May-04 16:01:39

posh packed lunches here!

I used to get chees and branston soggy sarnies every day, I hated cheese

bundle Tue 25-May-04 16:03:17

agree, fio! i think the young palate is v sophisticated these days. imo it's all about variety, so not too much of one thing (makes v fiddly though)

Sheila Tue 25-May-04 16:08:38

Love the simple fishcake idea Bundle - DS loves fish, oddly. Has to have ketchup on the side tho!It all just means a lot more planning ahead I guess - not my greatest strength. I tend to get his lunch ready before work in the morning when I'm at my most frantic and just slap butter and marmite between 2 slices of bread, bung in a yoghurt and an apple and leave it at that! No wonder the poor lad isn't keen.

Fio2 Tue 25-May-04 16:09:16

mmm but I can eat anything now, have a fiiiiiine palate bundle

bundle Tue 25-May-04 16:10:07

absolutely sheila. dds have nursery food, but i've been doing my own packed lunches to try & save money recently and it only works if i get up super-early or pack leftovers the night before.

bundle Tue 25-May-04 16:10:56

fio, i have developed a passion for cheese/branston and fishfinger/ketchup sarnies. maybe i'm regressing..

Fio2 Tue 25-May-04 16:13:34

wheres the branston?

Fio2 Tue 25-May-04 16:14:33

Oh and I just love fishfinger snadwiches

bundle Tue 25-May-04 16:24:04

(we have the tiny pieces, special sandwich version)

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