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What dish would go ok with paprika chicken and rice?

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Used2bthin Fri 18-Mar-16 18:58:04

I want to do two dishes that can be eaten with rice for a dinner with friends .
Would it be really weird to do paprika chicken and have a curry as the other option ?

titchy Fri 18-Mar-16 19:08:32

I'd probably do roast veg with that, or something texmex. Curry would work though or onion bhajis!

Used2bthin Fri 18-Mar-16 19:20:25

Ooh maybe both? I wondered would curry be a bit too different (ie if I did thai curry would the tastes be odd together ?) But I'm glad to hear at least one person doesn't think it sounds awful !

Blondie1984 Fri 18-Mar-16 21:27:10

Hmm it sounds a little strange to me....I would probably try and have something that is somewhat similar in terms of where it originates from - so maybe beef stroganoff.... But i think it very much depends on the type of curry you are thinking

ivykaty44 Fri 18-Mar-16 21:28:57

Salad of chopped onions, tomoto and cucumber with lemon juice over and parsley.

NobodyNoseWhatMyNoseNose Fri 18-Mar-16 21:58:23

I agree - think curry would fight/drown other flavours? Anything more eastern European would work better - and if you want to diferent feel to the dishes maybe something creamy.

Finding something Hungarian without paprika is almost impossible though grin

This kind of thing may work well

Used2bthin Sat 19-Mar-16 07:43:35

Thanks all. Ok so not curry we think! Although I woke up this morning to find that DH had left the freezer door ajar so I am nervous about the stuff in the fridge too. .. may need a total rethink!
If I did the paprika chicken and something else similar does anyone know about what side stuff would go? Will do rice but just bread with it too?

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