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What Afternoon Tea stuff can be made in advance and frozen?!

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longdiling Mon 14-Mar-16 21:33:25

I had wanted a nice quiet family do for my birthday but now my parents have invited 6 of my Aunties and Uncles who I don't know very well and who are considerably better off than me. I feel stressed and intimidated.

I want to do a kind of Afternoon Tea, I was going to beg borrow and steal some cake stands and do some little cakes, sandwiches etc. What cakes or other bits could I make in advance? I really don't want to spend my actual birthday weekend stuck in the kitchen if I can help it.

Also, what kind of drinks (apart from Tea!) should I offer? I was thinking of Prosecco and maybe some kind of punch or Pimms or something?


GarlicBreadItsTheFuture Mon 14-Mar-16 21:44:35

Scones - make in advance and freeze well. Just warm on the day and serve with jam and cream.
Sponge cakes freeze well as does butter icing but I always find it better to freeze separately then defrost and assemble. You can do any flavour and do them as cupcakes if you prefer
Sandwiches are a pain as they don't freeze well - maybe the parents who invited the extra guests could bring those!
I'd skip the sandwiches but sausage rolls and mini pizzas freeze well if you want savoury.
Choux pastry freezes well if you want profiteroles or eclairs
Fruit cake can be made and iced in advance no need to freeze

longdiling Mon 14-Mar-16 21:53:50

Thanks, that's so helpful! And oh yes, my mum will definitely be doing some of the catering.

missmoffatt2705 Tue 15-Mar-16 16:21:43

Not exactly frozen but you could make mini quiches. The day before, line little bun tins (fairy cake not muffin size) with plain pastry(shop bought would be fine, as if making mince pies. Leave in a cold place overnight and the next day, prepare the egg/cheese mixture and pour into pastry cases and bake. They only take around 15/20 mins. Fillings could be quiche lorraine, cheese & chutney, cheese & cherry tom, smoked salmon strips etc.

missmoffatt2705 Tue 15-Mar-16 16:23:17

You could also do mini meringues and just add cream and fruit on the day.

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