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Best breadmaker?

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Maplessglobe Tue 08-Mar-16 19:44:10

Hi all
I haven't had a breadmaker for about 5 years when DH gave it away it mysteriously disappeared. Does anyone have any recommendations? I bake a lot with spelt and rye and would like to start using einkorn so ideally one that turns out good loaves with 'alternative' flours.

lavendersun Tue 08-Mar-16 19:48:26

This one is brilliant. My parents surpised me with it in December. I used to make my own bread with my kitchen aid and never really wanted one.

It is amazing, so easy, I set it so that the bread is finished at about 6am when I get up. Better bread than I used to make manually.

My favourite loaf has spelt, rye, granary flours and a lot of seeds and honey. Lighter than my mixer version.

dreamingofsun Thu 10-Mar-16 21:23:26

Panasonic. not sure how good it is with alternative things, but its great for bread/pitza/nan bread etc

Maplessglobe Sat 12-Mar-16 05:20:48

Thanks, guys; looks like Panasonic might be the way forward.

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