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What meals will your fussy dc eat?

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Indiaplain Fri 04-Mar-16 20:08:37

My DS is 4 and a typical fussy eater.. I.e. Used to wolf down everything I gave him (I was smug!) Now eats so few things.
I need inspiration for new dinners. He currently has on rotation for dinner:

Pitta bread/sausages/cucumber
Pasta shells with tomato sauce & cheese
Macaroni cheese

To say it is pasta based is an understatement. I've tried toad in the hole which was a kind of hit. I would love ideas for new meals.
He kind of likes smoked salmon. Will eat the breadcrumbs from fish fingers. He only veg is cucumber , but he will eat parsley and basil randomly.

Any ideas gratefully received...

SweetheartLittleLove Fri 04-Mar-16 20:55:44

Mine is fussy too. I'm trying to get her to eat one or two new ingredients a week with mixed results. I've tried easy wins so far -stuff that tastes / looks very similar to what she likes and also bribery (shoot me!).

If your DC likes cucumber he might like pear and melon. Or grapes. Baked beans?
Toysrus sell a £5 kit where you stamp shapes out of fruit which is fun. Probably better ones online too.

My DD likes

sweet potato roast in the oven for 1-1.5hrs.

Quinoa, bulgar wheat, rice, cous cous (instead of just pasta) noodles

Different shaped pasta (sounds mad, but it makes her believe she can try new things)

A one-pot meal: onion, parsley, salt, cumin, Boots baby stock cube plus chicken/lamb/beef/quorn chopped, plus carrot/potato/runner beans/sweet potato chopped. Very bland

Homemade burgers - just mince and parsley squished to a burger

Homemade samosa - jus roll pastry and a filling eg Philadelphia, or mince with a tiny tiny bit of broccoli or chicken with some mild spices. Fun to make

Indiaplain Sat 05-Mar-16 08:07:27

Hi, thank you for replying. I love the sound of homemade samosas, we can definitely try that. He used to eat bolognaise but not so much lately. However mince isn't a complete no no..

If I could get him eating quinoa that would be great. Maybe I could just try it with parsely/olive oil/lemon juice. He will occasionally eat noodles.

I agree with your thinking on even different pasta shapes being a good start. Like you say, it encourages them to think they're trying something new. This works well with bread too. He ate garlic bread last night!

LobsterQuadrille Sat 05-Mar-16 16:32:11

DD was incredibly fussy when small and would only eat quite bland food. Her staples were:

Shepherd's pie (using turkey mince and masses of really chopped up vegetables)
Lasagne (ditto)
Chicken pie (using peas, with a sheet of frozen puff pastry)
Pasta and the same turkey mince mix above
Onions and goat's cheese on puff pastry
Turkey stir fry (chopped turkey, veg, noodles)

I found that chopping everything very finely and serving very small portions (so that she asked for more) helped.

waitingforsomething Mon 07-Mar-16 13:45:38

Dd used to be fussy but is 3.5 now and a few dishes have turned her!
She likes:
Fish pie: salmon and prawns with a sauce made of creme fraiche, a teaspoon of mustard, lots of cheese and some parsley. I top it with a thin layer of mash potato and she loves this. (I also sneak spinach in these days but one thing at a time...)
Chicken in a tomato sauce with stock and the magic ingredient of sweet smoked Paprika. She Loves this - I was surprised. She will eat it with Rice or Cous Cous.
Good quality sausages with cous cous or pasta and a bit of broccoli stirred into the pasta.
Spaghetti with prawns and broccoli.
Smoked salmon with poached eggs on toast

TheToys Mon 07-Mar-16 13:58:56

It depends so much what element of eating and food they are fussy about. My DS eats a vast amount of varied fruit and veg, a good mix of protein, as well as carbs, but hates many mixed up, sloppy or stringy things and potato's in all other forms bar chips and crisps. So, he would not entertain the thought of lasagne or pies (fish, shepherd's...), or soups with "bits"/casseroles, etc.

Sadmother Wed 09-Mar-16 05:20:04

At this age my kids loved things either in a wrap or on a stick!
quesadillas, falafel, kebabs, etc. I think a lot of it is how you present it! Finicky Little buggers! grin

HomeMeasurements Mon 14-Mar-16 06:02:14

Yes to on a stick. Have been doing this with my DC lately. Previously untouched things are getting wolfed down because they are on cocktail sticks.

And as annoying and obvious as it is to say them helping cooking can work wonders. I know people preach that a lot and it certainly isn't a miracle cure but mine do get really proud of cooking and therefore try more things.

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