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beef stew meat ideas

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fourpawswhite Fri 04-Mar-16 10:24:59


My DH is a farmer and we have a lot of our own beef in the freezer. Over the years I have cornered the market in roast and mince ideas, but still struggle with the stew meat.

I don't particularly like beef stew, takes me back to my childhood, congealed fat and granny's house. I'm also not really a gravy person, prefer tomato or cream based sauces if you like.

I have looked at some of the threads for beef stew in beer and will try that. I have occasionally made sausage roll type objects, with diced meat and carrots etc. That is fairly time consuming as I don't have a mincer.

Does anyone have any ideas for using some of this up? I do give a lot to family etc but want to try and have some meals for us that we enjoy.

Many thanks.

JapanNextYear Fri 04-Mar-16 10:32:53

I'll often use stewing steak or shin to make tagines (beef with prunes is a good one), curries or HFW shin of been in soy and ginger.

I'm not a big fan of stew either so prefer things like the above.

I did do a stew the other week though where I put the veg in really very large so they didn't go mushy (half carrots and potatoes) and cooked it for ages in stout with a bay leaf and some thyme and it was really lovely - I was surprised. Something about the bitter sweetness of the stout really helped.

I have a friend who cooks a brisket in passata and herbs for 7 hours and then eats it with pasta, it's v nice and I sure there's a recipe on the internet.

JapanNextYear Fri 04-Mar-16 10:33:45

fourpawswhite Fri 04-Mar-16 10:55:35

Excellent, all these sound much more to my taste. Thank you

slicedfinger Fri 04-Mar-16 11:01:04

In a slow cooker with chorizo, peppers, pasta, onion and a couple of tins of beans of some sort.

Jamie Olivers steak guinness and cheese pie takes ages (4 hours I think) but is utterly delicious.

TyneTeas Fri 04-Mar-16 19:05:39

how about chilli beef stew

Stoneagemum Sat 05-Mar-16 17:18:34

Beef with harrisa paste, passata, onions and peppers, can add chickpeas to bulk out, but prob not needed as you have plenty of beef.

I chuck it in the slow cooker whilst I'm at work, no real quantities either sorry

PedantPending Sun 06-Mar-16 10:57:12

Skirt of beef with carrots and mushrooms in beer/Guinness with mustard croutes or parsley dumplings is delicious.
Or beef olives/roulades slow cooked in stock and wine with a green vegetable and potato gratin. Add red peppers and some tomato puree to the cooking liquid.
Any cut that has gelatinous tissue in it makes a fantastic casserole as the tissue breaks down during the cooking and the meat is ultra tender.

Tartyflette Sun 06-Mar-16 11:10:02

Italian style beef casserole cooked with wine, tinned tomatoes (chopped) or passata and some tomato purée added to a stew base of onion, carrot and celery, add some chopped pancetta or bacon pieces, cook slowly till the sauce is reduced and well thickened, finish with black olives and chopped parsley, or finely chopped garlic, parsley and lemon zest if you don't like olives.
You can serve this with polenta, or Italian mashed potatoes ( with garlic melted into butter/olive oil and parmesan cheese added to the mash) or celeriac and potato mash, or with pasta, or in a pasta bake. Mushrooms, fresh or dried are also a good addition. Bay leaf and/or bouquet garni too.

guineapig1 Sun 06-Mar-16 11:36:07

If you like a mildish curry try Thai beef massaman curry. You can just slow cook it with the spices until the meat is super soft and then add the coconut milk. Serve with plain or jasmine rice.

cdtaylornats Tue 08-Mar-16 10:01:36

Beef Paprikash

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