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Packed lunch ideas for busy teen please

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OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 02-Mar-16 09:01:48

dd has started eating very little for lunch. Gcse year and there are revision sessions in most lunchtimes as well as after school. She says she doesnt have time to eat much. I think there may be a bit of a stress element to it too. She is a healthy slim at the moment.

Can anyone recommend really quick to eat, high calorie, tasty lunches for her please. If they take time to prepare, I'll make them for her in the day time. If I can offer a good variety over the next few weeks that would be brilliant!

notagiraffe Wed 02-Mar-16 10:40:19

When DS refused to eat, I used to make very high calorie cakes full of protein because even if he gave up after a couple of bites they gave so much goodness in a very small amount of food intake. Use almond and soya flour instead of wheat flour, add loads of eggs, make frosting with cream cheese, vanilla and icing sugar. Good ones include: carrot cake with walnuts; date and walnut cake; banana bread with cream cheese topping; chocolate and hazelnut brownies; fruit and nut flapjacks. If they're not allowed nuts at school just go for soya flour, plenty of eggs in the cake mix, cream cheese topping and as many dried fruits as she'll tolerate in the recipe.

A good slice of this and a fruit smoothie or milkshake will give her about 500 calories. Even a small slice and a drink will give her about 300 which is better than nothing.

Or she could have a small slice of quiche or a mini quiche with some raw veg sticks. Again, the combination of pastry, egg and cheese packs in a lot of calories in a few tiny bites.

Are you sure she's not purposefully keeping herself thin due to peer pressure?

If you can ensure she has protein and some slow release carbs at breakfast (eg porridge and a homemade banana milkshake or wholemeal toast with peanut butter, cheese, eggs or beans and a very healthy evening meal, then she should be OK.

Are they allowed to suck mints or throat soothers during exams? If so, the sugar from those will be enough to keep her brain alert during the actual exam sessions and as long as her other meals are really nutritious, it shouldn't do her any harm.

Dancingqueen17 Wed 02-Mar-16 11:52:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 02-Mar-16 13:42:38

some really good ideas.
They cant eat between classes, but she can eat at break. Fortunately she does have a good breakfast, we all eat together. Its an early start, but porridge goes down well as do scrambled eggs.
Im fairly confident she isnt undereating on purpose, shes not very fussed about appearance, but I think that anxiety may be playing a part, its a trait she may have inherited (or sadly learned) from me. Its quite a way off to the exams and she needs to stay healthy

Im not great at inventing recipes, if you have any cake ones notagiraffe that would be ace! I do like baking. I do sometimes make flapjacks, but havent for a while, so thats a good idea.

In an ideal world, I would be able to batch cook a selection of things for the freezer for her to be able to grab and go.

notagiraffe Wed 02-Mar-16 14:10:38

Brownie style high protein slices

100g ground almonds
100g soy flour or plain flour
1 tbsp. of cocoa powder
1 heaped tsp of baking powder
100g unsalted butter
100g sugar
100g melted black chocolate
4 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence
Chopped walnuts and cherries or sultanas (optional)

Beat sugar, vanilla essence and butter together until pale and creamy. Add eggs and beat until smooth. Fold in sifted soya flour, cocoa powder baking powder. melt chocolate in microwave for 1 min and stir until all soft. Stir in ground almonds and melted choc into cake mixture. Add nuts and fruit if using. Pour into a greased, baking paper-lined brownie tray and bake middle oven 180-200c for about 20-25 mins until mix is cooked but still chewy in the middle.

Banana bread
2 large, ripe bananas, mash one and chop the other into small pieces
100g soy flour
100g ground almonds
100g soft unsalted butter
100g soft brown sugar
tbsp. dollop of treacle or molasses or maple or golden syrup
4 eggs
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp allspice
1 tsp ginger
small grating of nutmeg
chopped toasted almonds or walnuts or peanuts (optional)
zest of 1 fresh orange (optional)
Handful of sultanas or raisins or chopped dates (optional).

Beat sugar, butter and essence together. Add eggs and beat in. Stir in the spices, mashed banana, soy flour, baking powder and ground almonds. Fold in the chopped banana and any other fruit, nuts, zest that you're adding and pour into a greased, lined loaf tin. Bake in middle oven at 180C for 45 mins to 1 hour.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 02-Mar-16 15:17:44

You superstar smile thank you!

KitKat1985 Fri 04-Mar-16 19:08:33

I know this isn't very original but a sandwich or a wrap filled with salad and some form of protein is quick to eat and nutritious. You can add extra butter or mayo if you want to add some extra calories.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 04-Mar-16 19:18:48

it's a pity she hates sandwiches, she eats them, but reverts to a few bites from the middle. Wraps are a good idea though.

I bought mini porkpies for a couple of next weeks lunches blush
In my defence I did also make flapjacks yesterday with loads of seeds and nuts. I didn't have any golden syrup so I used treacle instead. Worked surprisingly well. Thank goodness you don't get lunchbox police in Secondary, I'd be hung for high treason!

I'm going to make the brownie slices next week,

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