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I need more tacos!

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Toowittoowoo Mon 29-Feb-16 11:40:12

I have discovered to taco recipes in Tomasina Miers book (mexican food made simple) which use small tortilla wraps instead of those crispy things that come in the old el paso box.

I love 3 of Tomasina's recipes: the butternut squash one, the kale one and cougette and sweetcorn one and I am now wondering whether there were more? We seem to have taco Wednesday at the moment because they are so delicious and quick!

I am preferably looking for veggie recipes but we are not vegetarian so it doesn't really matter. We just try not to eat too much meat during the week.

Does anyone else make tacos and if so what do you do?

haggisaggis Mon 29-Feb-16 11:57:23

Made fish ones last week - need to use thick fillets as you grill it (I did it on barbecue). I got a couple of recipes online and combined them - made a spicy rub to marinade the fish in and made up a red cabbage coleslaw and a creamy sauce to have with it. Also added sliced avocado and salsa. Was delicious!
Interested in kale - how on earth do you make it edible? Followed a spiced kale recipe once and had to cook it for ages to make it even slightly digestible.

Toowittoowoo Mon 29-Feb-16 14:59:07

Oh the kale one is delicious! The recipe asks for greens but I find prepared kale to be the easiest to find and most covenant.

When I get home I will post the recipe for you.

How did you make your sauce and coleslaw?

haggisaggis Mon 29-Feb-16 15:10:39

I used the sauce and the spice rub from here (although I just used normal chilli powder and salt) and the coleslaw recipe from here although I used red onion and did not sweeten it. It was really tasty and will do it again.

ScienceRocks Tue 01-Mar-16 18:40:54

I do the pork pibil from her book and make tacos from that. Also the chicken tinga, chicken with mole, frijoles with Wensleydale cheese, butternut squash stew with pipian... Almost anything can be tacoed!

Do make the tortilla soup from the book if you haven't already. It is immense.

ScienceRocks Tue 01-Mar-16 18:41:57

Oh, and there is a mushroom and chilli recipe that she serves with polenta and broccoli but you could easily put that in tacos. Ditto the roasted tomato sauce with cooked chicken through it.

Just trawl through the book!

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