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My chicken disintegrated?

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drowningintoys Sun 28-Feb-16 23:23:48

I'm not sure what happened! I was making a bowl of chicken noodle soup to clear the sinuses and when I looked into the pan all I could see were hundreds of small, blubbery flakes of chicken?
I tasted the flakes and they were tasteless with the consistency of fatty blubber (it reminded me of the soup Eowyn makes for Aragorn in the Lord of the rings if that helps!)

I've made this recipe before and I'm not sure what happened!
I defrosted my chicken in the microwave under the defrost setting, used half a stock cube and added only shredded spring onions and carrots with the chicken. Usually I just throw everything together and it turns out fine! But tonight it just didn't turn out well hmm

Does anyone know where I might have gone wrong?

(The recipe I was following was this one from bbc good food )

TyneTeas Mon 29-Feb-16 00:07:18

could it have been the microwaving? could it have cooked in part when defosting it?

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