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family meals that freeze!

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madmotherof2 Fri 26-Feb-16 22:08:21


Our youngest is undergoing a long phase of chemotherapy, which means we regularly have stints in hospital or random times up in the children's day unit.

It can mean that meal times are difficult! As some time we eat at rubbish times, or end up eating separately ( or by a hospital bed!)

I'm thinking of buying some disposable Tin trays and having a drawer in the freezer full of meals. We generally like traditional food- lasagnes, shep pie, curries.

Can anyone help with ideas? Ideally including whether I should cook before freezing and if I can then cook from frozen?


Wolfiefan Fri 26-Feb-16 22:13:37

I'm sorry. It's horrid to have a poorly child.
Fish pie
Spag Bol
Mac and cheese
Shepherds pie
Or cook once. Roast beef and use leftovers beef pie?
Slow cooker? We like pulled pork, MN book recipes, sausage casserole, beef stew, "roast" meat.

HeyMacWey Fri 26-Feb-16 22:21:29

All of the above plus curries.

Soup could be good too for a light meal and could be reheated from frozen. Very some part baked rolls that keep forever then you don't need to worry about bread going stale.
Jacket potatoes are also quick and easy.
The other meals would be best defrosted but I've nuked sauce based meals in the microwave from frozen and never had any problems.

Hope that the chemo doesn't go on for too long and your youngest makes a speedy recovery flowers

canyou Fri 26-Feb-16 22:39:58

I did a freezer check, currently have
spicy chicken and veg wraps (heat on george forman)
Mac and cheese
Bolognaise sauce (add spice it becomes chilli or a lasagne)
Shephards pie
Breaded chicken with sweet potato wedges (straight onto a tray) Also some breaded fish
Chicken drumsticks in BBQ sauce
Stuffed pork chops with roasting veg (raw for the slow cooker)
Lemon thyme chicken ready for the slow cooker
Peanut butter chicken mix also ready for the slow cooker
Spicy sweet potato soup
Chicken noodle soup
Fish chowder (can become a fish pie)
Frozen mash
Loads of veg
par cooked scones
sliced soda bread.
mini crustless quiches (breakfast)
cooked sausage and onions for toad in the hole.
raw cookie dough shaped and ready for the oven blush

PhoenixReisling Sun 28-Feb-16 20:31:01

What about fish fingers/breaded fish and make with chips or make them into wraps (combine breaded fish/fingers lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise with a squirt of lime and maybe some sweet chilli sauce. Wrap and then eat).

Prawns can be stir fried or can be quickly combined with garlic, chilli, tomatoes and spaghetti

Make extra stew and freeze. This could be reheated and served with mash or you could put a pastry top and eat it as a pie.

Joolsy Sun 28-Feb-16 21:35:16

I would say generally anything with beef, or vegetarian meals you could reheat from frozen. I've done it many times with no problems. Also salmon fillets can be microwaved from frozen - I cook them with a dollop of apple sauce or redcurrant jelly on top.

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