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How to use these left overs?

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MrsFogi Fri 26-Feb-16 21:15:09

I'm trying to bin less food each week. Could anyone give me ideas what to do with the little list below? It doesn't all have to be in one dish of course! And, obviously, whatever I do with them I don't want to spend 6 hours over a stove wink. So here goes mners who have more of a clue about cooking than me:
- sweet peppers (6)
- carrots (already peeled and cut up) (8-10 small ones)
- onions (about 10 small ones)
- half a cucumber

bigbadbarry Fri 26-Feb-16 21:18:45

Red pepper soup is really nice - basically cook the peppers and a couple of the onions in some stock then whizz them until smooth. A squeeze of lime before you eat it and it is lovely.

mimolette Fri 26-Feb-16 21:21:54

Carrots freeze well. Just chuck in freezer as they are (seeing as they are already peeled and cut up) and then add a handful next time you cook tomato sauce, casserole, bolognaise etc

Out2pasture Fri 26-Feb-16 21:24:36

the Jamie oliver veggie noodle stir fry calls for several pepper smile
I do an oil and garlic pasta dish with just peppers
French onion soup would use up the onions
cucumber slices with humus on rice cakes are fun
i save my peeled cut carrots (blanched first) in the deep freeze for chili/soups and stews

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