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Meal plans for the week ahead

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lastqueenofscotland Fri 26-Feb-16 13:14:05

What are we all having this week?

This weekend I am using up left overs!
Monday: Israeli Cous Cous with black beans and tomatoes
Tuesday: "pizza" quesedillas
Wednesday: I'm out at a friends who usually does a curry
Thursday: Greek lentils with feta, pitta and hummous
Friday: got a long drive so probably something terrible from a services

Mummyoftwo91 Fri 26-Feb-16 15:58:45

Monday- Hollumi Cesar salad with garlicky buttered new potatoes

Tuesday- roast jerk vegetables with coconut rice and peas

Wednesday-wholewheat pasta and quorn meatballs in hm aribiatta sauce

Thursday- sweet potato falafel wraps with Turkish rice salad and chilli sauce

Friday- butternut squash, black bean, sweetcorn and feta tacos

Saturday- veggie hot dogs with hm coleslaw and chips

Sunday- sticky Chinese style veg and egg fried rice

LadyDeadpool Fri 26-Feb-16 16:02:16

Friday - HM chicken BLT burgers
Sat - Beef in ale with horseradish dumplings
Sun - HM turkey finger things (hoping to replicate turkey drummers)
Mon - Mince and mash with leftovers being made into pasties
Tues - Fish Tacos
Wens - Ragu
Thurs - Prawn stir fry

lastqueenofscotland Fri 26-Feb-16 23:03:11

Mummyoftwo do you have a recipie for the roast jerk vegetables? That sounds divine

Saturday - no idea. Depends who is at home, but likely to be something easy like M&S quiche and salad
Sunday - Jamaican-esque veggie curry plus rice and peas
Monday - roasted vege and cheese pie

Not thought beyond that yet and need to do a food order.

Mummy - how do you do your Chinese veg?

Mummyoftwo91 Sat 27-Feb-16 06:06:59

Mummyoftwo91 Sat 27-Feb-16 06:08:05 I do this for veg without the chicken

HeyMicky Sat 27-Feb-16 07:16:10

Pork belly and Asian-style coleslaw
Pasta with butternut squash, sausage and peas
Harissa prawns and grilled Mediterranean veg (fast day)
Sticky orange and maple chicken thighs with carrots and parsnips
Marinated sizzle steak with rocket (fast day)
Omelettes and salad

HomeMeasurements Sat 27-Feb-16 07:27:55

Ratatouille with hm sourdough bread (have been practising lots!)
Lamb kofte with hummus putts and veg
Cioppino (sort of sea food stew) as selected by DS prob also with hm sourdough!
Black bean tacos with veg etc
Chicken thighs with a sort bbq type sauce (basically soy, Tom puree, white wine and tiny bit of sugar) with rice and veg

For my lunches prob going to have some roast sweet potato and kale with this divine looking sauce.

EElisavetaOfBelsornia Sat 27-Feb-16 07:35:39

Spinach dhal with roasted veg
Purple pesto pasta (Guardian recipe)
Shepherdess's pie
Spring vegetable stew

What veg do you use, Mummy?

I've changed my mind for tonight. Am full of cold so am going to make a big pan of soup - I've got leeks, carrots, potatoes, lentils, split peas and all sorts of wine, spices, various herbs. I've also got some veggie hotdog sausages, so might try to make a sort of thick, Germanic style one.

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 27-Feb-16 17:16:47

Finally sorted mine.
Tomorrow-Creamy chicken pie with green veg
Monday-Rigatoni with cauli, anchovies and chilli
Tuesday-Honey sesame tofu, miso soup and rice
Wednesday-Biscuits and gravy
Thursday-Spaghetti with pesto and olives
Friday-Chicago pizza

Mummyoftwo91 Sat 27-Feb-16 17:31:24

The veg I use is normally baby sweetcorn, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli aubergine and whatever else is in the fridge!

MoreCrackThanHarlem Sat 27-Feb-16 17:36:39

Tonight: Takeaway
Sun: Cheese and leek pie, stuffed mushrooms, peas and cauliflower cheese
Mon: Goats cheese and onion tart, stuffed peppers, sweet potato fries
Tues: Glamorgan sausages, mash, peas and gravy
Weds: Quorn stir fry
Thurs: Quorn hot dogs with fried onion and salad
Fri: Chinese takeaway!

Cheers. smile

Mummyoftwo91 Sat 27-Feb-16 17:56:50

Loving the many veggie meal plans are on here

counttotenandbreathe Sat 27-Feb-16 18:12:10

brilloWhat is biscuits with gravy??

housewifeintraining Sat 27-Feb-16 18:53:39

Tonight - Smoked haddock fishcakes (melt in the middle with cheddar and leek sauce) and homemade potato wedges and peas
Sunday - Burritos made with leftover beef and bean chilli
Monday - Maple mustard pork and sweet potato traybake
Tuesday - Curry with chicken, cauliflower and potato

I'm away for the rest of the week so my partner will probably exist on pasta and sandwiches!

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 27-Feb-16 18:54:25

Biscuits and gravy

neversleepagain Sat 27-Feb-16 21:55:49

Roast chicken with roast potatoes, carrots & broccoli
Left over chicken into stir fry with veg & noodles
Homemade pizzas
Jamie Oliver beef shin chilli con carne
Spaghetti bolognese
Jacket potatoes with leftover chilli, coleslaw & corn on the cob
Dover sole with vegetable rice

Cookingongas Sun 28-Feb-16 18:28:22

Monday: macaroni cheese with a green salad ( which will only be eaten by me)
Tuesday: lasagne
Wednesday: chicken noodle soup
Thursday: bacon and potato dauphinois
Friday: veg tagine with cous cous ( and potato wedges for Dc)
Saturday: something fancy but I dint know what yet.

teacher54321 Sun 28-Feb-16 19:22:35

Today-roast beef
Monday-spag Bol
Tuesday-spag Bol again!
Wednesday-Thai green curry
Thursday-chilli wraps
Friday-Phad Thai/left over chilli wraps
Saturday-take away!

lastqueenofscotland Sun 28-Feb-16 20:03:46

I love how many veggie meal plans there are, or if not how many meat free days people have. So refreshing smile

MilkRunningOutAgain Sun 28-Feb-16 21:47:02

Sun chicken in bacon, mash, veggies followed by apple crumble
Mon sausage plait and salad
Tue salmon stir fry
Wed shepards pie
Thu gnocchi in tomato sauce
Fri fish cakes

ml4104 Sun 28-Feb-16 21:58:29

I've been keeping track of this most days for awhile, hope this post isn't too long, hoping someone finds it useful for ideas. Sorry for the lack of months.

Mon 19 - Thai Fish Curry

Tue 20 - Lasagne

Wed 21 - Thai Sweet Chili Chicken

Thu 22 - Lasagne

Fri 23 - Fish Curry

Sat 24 - ??

Sun 25 - Spag Bol

Mon 26 -

Tue 27 - Good Luck Gumbo

Wed 28 - Tuna Bake

Thu 29 - Out

Fri 30 - Burgers w/ Wedges

Sat 31 - Burgers w/ Cous Cous

Sun 1 - Fajitas

Mon 2 - Pizza Go Go

Tue 3 - Pasta Bake

Wed 4 - Indian Spiced Salmon w/ Mash

Thu 5 - Pizza

Fri 6 - Fish Curry
Sat 7 - Out

Sun 8 - Lasagne

Mon 9 - Good Luck Gumbo

Tue 10 - Chicken Fajitas

Wed 11 - Seafood Paella

Thursday 12 - Spag Carbonara

Fri 13 - ??

Jan 2016

Mon 24 - Smoked Haddock Carbonara with Peppers

Mon 25 -

Tue 26 -

Wed 27 - Rigatone Bolegnese with Feta and Spinach

Thu 28 - Briam with Lamb Chops (this recipe doesn’t detail the lamb chops)

Fri 29 - Chili Con Carne (make x2)

Sat 30 - Spaghetti with Sardines (they recommend capers)

Sun 31 - Sausage and Mash (45 minutes) P

Mon 1 - Pizza

Tues 2 - Shepherd’s Pie (Preheat 180 20 mins in, 1 hour 30 minutes) L X2

Wed 3 - Pasta and Chicken with Med Veg (with Passata, 30 minutes) C

Thurs 4 - Masala Fish Curry F
Need curry leaves, dessicated coconut,

Fri 5 - Pizza w/ Garlic Bread

Sat 6 - Sardines and Pasta

Sun 7 - Fish and Rice in Soy Sauce

Mon 8 - Chili Con Carne

Tues 9 - Out

Wed 10 - Caribbean Fish Curry (30 minutes) F X2

Thurs 11 - Tuna Pasta Bake (Preheat 180, cook for 45 minutes) F
Goes well with Salad

Fri 12 -

Sat 13 - Carribean fish curry

Sun 14 - Ribs w/ corn on the cob. Buy Colgin Liquid Smoke Cooking & BBQ Sauce at Tesco
Also could make
Also could make, well, could put some root beer in some beanz

Mon 15 - Pasta w/ Peppers and Sardines

Tue 16 -

Wed 17 - Ginger Fish Curry

Thu 18 - Pizza w/ Wedges

Fri 19 - Chicken and Chorizo

Sat 20 -

Sun 21 - Pizza w/ Jacket Potato

Mon 22 - Pizza

Tue 23 - Fish and Rice

Wed 24 - Good Luck Gumbo

Thu 25 - Indian

Fri 26 - Indian

Sat 27 - Fajitas

Sun 28 -

Mon 29 - Restaraunt

Tue 1 - Indian Spiced Salmon and Mash

Wed 2 - Uncle Ben’s w/ Chicken and Rice

Thu 3 - ??

Fri 4 - Cafe and Pizza w/ Wedges

Sat 5 - Fish Curry

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